Saturday, April 30, 2016

10 Day Countdown, Checking in with Customers, and Organizing!

Yes, it is that time of year! 

I have my 10 day balloon countdown up and ready for Monday morning. 
The kiddos will be so stinkin' excited!
Oh, who am I kidding? 
I'm so stinkin' excited!
I know I have shared this every year, but you never know who might be new to the

Each morning, I will pop a balloon. 
Inside is a piece of paper with a fun activity or treat written on it for us to enjoy.

I have two simple rules for the balloons that help tremendously with the final days craziness.

1. If you get in trouble, you don't do/have the next balloon activity/treat.
2. If you complain about the activity or treat, you don't get to enjoy it.

The activities/treats change from year to year, but include things like ink pen day, bubble gum day, kickball game, ice cream party, movie, extra recess, etc.

This next thing I tried to share on Facebook, but since I called my students my customers I'm pretty sure FB hid the post from most of you. :(

I love to check in with my 'customers' this time of year. 
This week they were to tell me what I definitely needed to keep for my next 2nd grade class. I love reading their responses! Here's some of my favorites:

This one cracked me up...still waiting on shoulder surgery and the kiddos know it. :-/

The most popular things are definitely ball chairs, Moby Max, Showbie, and Class Dojo. I was happy to see several things about math rounds and Daily 5 too. 

This was probably my favorite though! This guy struggles in math, but has come to enjoy our Hotshots!
Makes my heart happy!

Lastly, I've spent the last couple weeks before school in our teachers' lounge/work room. There is such great storage in there, but it was in need of some cleaning out and organization.

These pictures make me smile. :-) 

Now I need to focus on tidying up my storage closet!

I also like to get as much done as I can for those crazy first few weeks back to school in August...lots to do to wrap up the year!


  1. 10 days left....I am jealous! That was so nice of you to organize the teacher's work room.....those pictures make me smile too!

    Mind Sparks

    1. I know! It seems really early this year! Sadly, I think we're going to a more traditional calendar next year though. Guess I'll enjoy this early out while I can!

  2. Ten more days? Wow! I've got two more months.
    I really like your balloon countdown, Crystal. I think I'll try that this year.
    Enjoy your last few days!

    1. 2 months! Yikes! Hope the balloon countdown works for you. It is so fun to keep them in suspense morning!


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