Saturday, April 23, 2016

Outdoor Fun, Painted Shoes, and Games Galore!

Hey there!

I just got back from a little day trip with my family. 
My daughter made it to state vocal competition and sang at Baker University. That was only an hour from City Market in Kansas City which may be one of my new favorite places. My husband and I had been wanting to take the kids there, so today seemed like the perfect day.

So I'm linking up with some very random things for Five for Friday...a little school and a little real life. That's how it is this time of year as I count down the last 15 days of school!
(Yes, I am secretly counting down the days. And no,that does not make me a bad teacher. Just want to clarify after I recently read some nonsense about that.)


This week we used one of our I Have...Who Has...? games in small group. My kids love to play and wanted to teach our new friend who started with us on Monday. 

And because you may be needing some games or even a little HOTSHOTS to finish out the year, I decided we're having a TPT sale! Head on over to snag some things at 20% off now through Tuesday. 


My daughter is playing softball...first time since 2nd grade. She's doing pretty good and has been alternating between catcher and 2nd base. 

My son and I watch from the concessions stand.


Speaking of my daughter...she's pretty artistic. In art class, she made herself a pair of Captain America: Civil War shoes--one Iron Man and one Captain America. Then she decided to make some for me! Love these!


In an attempt to put new art supplies away in our teacher work room, I have began a major clean out process.

I can't even begin to describe it, but I think I will need to take some before and after photos...

Anyway, I found this grid paper. LOTS of grid paper. The high school math teachers were pretty excited about it and called dibs as soon as I sent out the picture. Ha! 


 Our brilliant first grade teacher took her kiddos outside to practice spelling this week. Now why didn't I think of that?

Maybe this week...


Ahem...too many photos? Who is this person who has taken over the blog post? 

Our kids are loving the newly painted four square box? areas? games? What do you call these things? 


Last one, I promise. 

My hubby is a car guy... He can fix any vehicles, but he definitely prefers Chevys and we have quite a few "project" cars which I call toys. Anyway, each time I've been to the City Market, I see this tag art and think I need to get it for him.

 Today was the day! 
If you like it, the company, KC Tag Art has a lot of choices and I think even does custom work. Check them out!

Okay, that's a wrap!


  1. 15?! Jealous! I must have missed the nonsense about it making you a bad teacher...what teacher DOESN'T count down?

    1. Exactly! ;-) We work so hard all year, it is okay to look forward to a little break!

  2. I've been trying to get my kids outside with chalk during math time. They enjoy it. :)


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