Monday, May 2, 2016

May Currently

I have linked up with Farely at Oh Boy, It's Farley is having her final Currently for the last May Currently.  I'm sad to say that this will be the last one since she has decided not to do them any more.  I will miss reading all the currently posts each month.  

Listening-My cat keeps meowing because he wants outside.  He has been going out on the nice days, but today is cold and I don't think he realizes how cold it is.  He still wants out and won't stop meowing!

Loving-I decided that today was going to be just a sit back and relax day.  I made myself not do much around the house and just relax!

Thinking-It has been rainy this past week and we have our Zoo field trip this Friday-I hope it doesn't rain!

Wanting-I need to start organizing and putting files back in their place in the classroom.  If only I would keep up and do it all during the year and then I wouldn't need to do it at the end of the year!

Needing-I start to get anxious this time of year, thinking about all that needs to get done.  I just need to take one day at a time.

Truth-I was doing really good walking my dog daily and then it started raining and I really got off schedule.  I need to get back to walking.

Have a great day!


  1. I am so GLAD I read your blog tonight and saw that this was the FINAL Currently! Thanks for motivating me to post! I totally understand the anxious feeling this time of the year brings. Hang in there, the end is in sight!

    TammyThe Resourceful Apple

  2. Hi there!!! I desperately need to organize my classroom! I am with you in wanting that! I too get anxious and then I try to do a million things in very sort time span! I need to calm and organize and be sane!!!! Have a great rest of your year!!!


  3. Congratulations on having a ME day! I simply love those and although I don't get them very often they are wonderful when I do! Hope you have a great rest of your school year!



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