Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wisdom for Wednesday-Problems

Welcome to another week of:

I have been reading a devotional every day from the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  If you are looking for a good devotional, I would recommend this one.  One of her devotions talks about making friends with the problems in your life.  I had never heard of that and I have never even thought of it that way.  She talks about how every problem can teach you something and it can transform you little by little into that masterpiece that God has created you to be.  When we have problems we have a choice:   1.  Dwell on it and make it ruin our day or 2.  Look at it as our friend and know that it can help us to grow closer to God and teach us something if we just trust him.  
I think I would much rather take the second route and not dwell on the problems.  

Have a great day!


  1. That's challenging but great advice. :)

  2. But I don't wanna....
    No, I agree with Tammy, and this time of year, there are problems some little 7-8 year old problems that would do better with me making friend with them. Thanks for sharing the good thoughts!


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