Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Little B2S, a Freebie, and a Little Fun...

Hello there!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday to give you some random pictures from my week.


I don't know about you, but I have to ease in to working in my room. I typically stop by a few times and look at the mess that awaits me before I actually decide to dive in. Ha!

I stopped by one day last week and worked for a just a bit. My daughter helped with some bulletin boards (so thankful--could not do them due to the shoulder surgery).

This is the bulletin board across the hall. I typically choose something I can keep up all year, so  I'll be posting student work here.

In preparation for starting the Super Improver Wall, I'm rereading my Whole Brain Teaching book. I have added several elements of WBT over the last couple of years and love them all (so do my students). I was hesitant to start the Super Improver Wall because it seemed like a lot of work to me. 

Last year, I realized my management system was already a lot of work and I ended up abandoning parts of it and talking individual goals with students anyway. So this year, I'm keeping it simple with the Super Improver Wall--no other "fluff," in line with my core beliefs, and focuses on individual improvements!

This quote is the motivation for me to go for it:

I have found a ton of free Super Improver Wall headers on TPT, but what I couldn't find was name cards like I wanted. 
I wanted editable so I could type in the names, and I wanted the visual of how many stars they needed to earn to move to the next level. 

That means a freebie for you! 
If you snag it, please be so kind as to leave feedback. :-)

If you don't use the Super Improver Wall, I think you could use them for punch cards as well.


I first saw these craft keepers in April, and I knew I had to have them to organize my "I have...who has...?" games and task cards.
I was thrilled to see them marked down at Michael's and a coupon that could be applied. I picked up two of these for $16 each! 

I plan to use one for reading and one for math. LOVE it!


We didn't get to take our home missions trip to MN, but since the my husband and kids were off work we took a quick trip to Oklahoma City. 

We went to Riversport Adventures. 
I was seriously bummed that I couldn't participate with them (that shoulder again), so we will have to go back next year. Although, I will avoid the high stuff (yikes)!


My birthday is on Monday, so I scheduled a Stitch Fix to get some back-to-school clothes. I've told you before...I hate shopping, so paying extra is worth it to me AND it gets me out of my comfort zone (as I am fashion challenged). :-)

I was so excited to get it early, and it is definitely a 5/5 so I get the 25% discount too! Happy Birthday to me!

Not pictured: a necklace. 
I LOVED this fix! I probably wouldn't have tried on any of this if I were out shopping on my own, but I was able to put together quite a few outfits with these pieces plus what I already own. 

Disclaimer: If you use the Stitch Fix links in this post, I will receive a $25 referral credit (and I thank you!).

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

My plan is to bombard you with classroom pictures next week (if I can get in gear). I love to be set up in July, so when I go back in August I can focus on lessons and paperwork...

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