Friday, March 30, 2012

April Showers... Bulletin Board and Base 10 Block Art

At our school, there is a HUGE bulletin board outside the office and each grade level has gets to decorate it one month out of the school year. We are in charge of April and found this super cute bulletin board idea here.

We decided to have students make the umbrellas and flowers for our "Extra Fun Thing." We both use this as a reward in our classroom to make Fridays special. Students who have completed all of their work for the week and had good behavior (no more than 3 problems) get to do the "Extra Fun Thing." We keep it a secret all week and the kids love to try and guess what we will be doing. It is usually art, but sometimes we play games in the computer lab or have extra recess.

Anyway, here's our completed bulletin board. Isn't it cute?

We also worked on Base 10 Block art this week. We got the idea from Kristy over at Teachin' First. Students used flats, longs, and cubes to make an original piece of art. Then they had to title it and calculate the value of their art for the price tag. Some of them were pretty creative! See below:

Enjoy your weekend! Rest up! :-)

Kristi and Crystal


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