Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wisdom for Wednesday - Spiritual Sluggards

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for popping in for a little...

I have to admit that I picked this quote out months ago. It struck me then and it still speaks to me now, so I figured it was time to share…and to carefully consider how it applies to me.

When I think of a sluggard, I think of someone who is lazy…not "pulling their weight." 

But what about spiritual sluggards?

I would assume that it means being lazy in our work for the Lord. 

Maybe a person...

Not involved in church?
Not reading the Bible?
Not praying?
Not witnessing?

Now before you go throwing stones, let me share the part of the quote that spoke to me the most. 

"We are all capable…"

Yep. Right there.

As with any other sin, we are all capable of it. 

We are all only one small decision away from going down a path that God never intended us to be on. That is what I constantly tell myself when I hear of someone who has "fallen into sin" (as people often call it).

It could be me.
I am not to judge, but instead to guard my own heart and worry about my own sin.

Anyway, back to being a spiritual sluggard. 

I think it is deeper than what we can see on the outside.

I am very active in my church.
I read my Bible.
I pray.
I attempt to witness when given the opportunity.

But I think I can still be a spiritual sluggard--and honestly, sometimes I am.


It's a matter of the heart. 

The question of why I do the "spiritual" things that I do.

If my motivation is not pure…
If I am just going through the motions to check it off a list of some kind
If I am not living out the things I read in God's Word

Then I would say I'm being a spiritual sluggard.

It kind of hurts, doesn't it? 

Now you know why I waited months to really consider how it speaks to me! I don't want to be a spiritual sluggard, and I'm hoping this can be a reminder to me (and maybe you) when I start to get a little "lazy" in my walk with the Lord.

P.S. If your students are getting as crazy as mine (17 days left!!!), hang in there. The weekend is in sight!


  1. Oswald once again says it like it is. Wow. (Yep the children are a wee bit off these days.)

  2. Ouch -- in s good way.
    And yes about the kids -- I stop talking for 5 seconds, and they are going full steam. 19 days here.

    1. Hang in there, Sara! That is my group too--so talkative!


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