Monday, August 19, 2013

Take a Peek at My Purchases...

As you are reading this, I am at my first "real" day of staff development at my new district. Friday was new teacher orientation, but all teachers will be back today. I'm so the end of this week I will have had two days of staff development, a work day, Meet the Teacher night, and two days with my new class. I can't wait to meet my new bunch!
Anyway, I thought I'd show you a few things I bought at the TPT sale. I'm pretty excited about them.
The first one comes from Emily over at: 
I spotted her Rainbow Edit poster in her classroom pictures here.


When I saw that she had it in her TPT store for a great price, I immediately added it to my wish list. It is a simple--but wonderful--system to help kiddos be able to look for and identify errors in their own writing.
Next up...this started with Pinterest.
This Bloom's Buttons pack comes from Colleen at:
I love this idea! Colleen explains it really well in this blog post. I'm hoping it will help me do better asking those higher level thinking questions. :-) 
And finally, this one I debated (I'll explain below) a bit...but I'm really excited about using it. It comes from Hope at:

This is Hope's P.S.A. (A Math Problem Solving Strategy) pack. She explains it in this blog post.

I knew this product would be great. I've always felt like I could improve at teaching problem solving to my kiddos. I love the way this breaks it down into three easy to remember steps. 

My hesitation came from the price (anything over $5 on TPT makes me hesitate - does that mean I'm cheap?) and the amount of colored ink it will require to print. In the end, I decided to purchase and I am going to e-mail and ask Hope if it would be possible to get a less color option... We will see.
I hope you were able to get some goodies at the sale too...well, if you're at home reading this, you could still be shopping! :-)
Have a blessed day!

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