Saturday, August 31, 2013

Classroom Tour

Here is a tour of my classroom this year:
The first set of pictures shows the whole room.  UGGHHHHH on the colors of my blinds .......Crystal did them (I am now in her room this year) and I love them except she used KU colors (they should have been purple)!!!  I am a KSTATE fan!  :-)



These are the baskets that I have in the middle of their desks.  They have pencils, erasers, germ-x, white boards and markers with pom-poms on them as erasers.  I found the pom-poms idea at Fifth Grade Frenzy and they work great!

This is my chart where students pick a prize after having 10 good days.  They just put their clothespin on what they want.
Our cool book boxes this year.  Last year we had cardboard book boxes and this year we have plastic ones.  Notice they are purple!!!  :-)  YAY!!

Our Daily 5 Board (not much on it yet), we are still in training to do it.
My reading group area with my cat litter container seats that I made this summer
Calendar Area

Math Manipulative area

Mountain Language area with worksheets in the baskets
Lunch and Milk Count area.  Students move his/her stick to take lunch and milk count.
Our Morning Routine Freebie on tpt that I use every morning.
Also my mystery walker sign that I found at What Happens in First Grade
My Secret Student sign that I got at What Happens in First Grade
Rules and points that I give the students throughout the day for doing good things
My whole brain teaching posters
Area where students turn in their work.  They highlight their name before they turn it in.  The one on the right is where they turn in their homework.  They find their clothespin and put it on their paper.  This makes it easy for me to quickly see who did and didn't get homework done.
Work Folder-this is where the students put any work that isn't done or needs corrected.  My co-teacher's mom sewed them for us and did a fantastic job.  I love them!
My gym shoe and water bottle holder.  I had seen baskets put under chairs at Kindertrips and loved the idea.  So, when looking at our student chairs, I decided to use containers I already had and bungee cord them under the chairs.  This has given the students a great place to keep their shoes for gym class.  I also decided that I didn't like having water bottles on the desks because they take up too much room.  So I found holders and attached them with zip ties. 
Hope you have a great and restful 3 day weekend! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your room. It looks great!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thank you! This is the first year that I arranged the desks like the past I've done rows and was worried about this arrangement. I like the extra room and thought I'd try it. The kids have done great with it and work quietly when at their seats.

  2. I noticed your vowel town behind your reading table. How long have you guys been doing Pathways?

    Mrs. Jones Teaches

    1. We have been doing pathways for a long time. I believe it has been over 10 years.....yikes I can't believe it's been that long but I believe that is right. I really like the program and think it helps a lot of the kids. Do you have the program and if so how long have you used it?

  3. Your room looks really good. I have a question for you about daily five. I did it last year but chose where the students went everyday. This year I am worried I am going to do the same as I have a little control problem, lol. How do your kids do with the choice portion and do you have specific rules they follow when choosing.
    Thanks, Alicia

    1. Lol! Well I have a control problem as well, so I don't quite do the daily five choice board correct because I choose for them. I know that I should let them choose, but I feel more comfortable with it being set for them. I also like it that way because there is a set daily routine for them. So, I'm sorry I can't give you any advice on it because I have that control issue as well. Lol!

  4. I miss that big room!!! And the KU colors thank you! :-)



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