Thursday, August 1, 2013

Don't Forget...

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This is short and sweet...remember I'm on a mission!
I got my job chart and my clip chart finished (among other things which I promise to tell you about later).
You may remember I made new ones last year for my sports-themed room. Lesson learned - don't change themes! Make things neutral! Ugh!
You may be wondering why I don't reuse the sports ones...
I did sports for three years so I was kind of ready for something new...
New district...
New school...
New grade...
Seemed like a good time for a new theme.
Anyway...I thought it would be simple enough to change out my graphics on my charts from last year. It ended up being a bigger project than I thought, but they did turn out pretty cute. Here's some pics of my job chart (on my living room floor, not in my classroom yet - ha!):

I kept it very neutral - no theme - just kids! Figure I should be able to use it for a long time. Yeah!
If you want a closer look, head over to our TPT or TN stores.

Okay...back to my mission of getting as much school stuff done as possible this week. I'm getting there...but I haven't even started preparing to teach music (yes, I'm going to be teaching 2nd grade and K-2 music, a post for another day).


  1. WoW! Your teaching music too and in a classroom or did I miss read that? Love your job chart. I am very simple and only allow two people to be helpers of the day and they pretty much do everthing for me. It's worked for me so far. I am also working on things for my classroom this afternoon. Can't you tell... I got to get off of these BLOGS and do something. :)

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  2. Yes! I am at a very small school. One teacher for each grade level K-2, the teacher who taught ALL specials retired and they decided not to fill her position...leaving the three classroom teachers to divide up PE, Music, and Technology/Art. I'm new and willing to try new things so that leaves me with music! Crazy! Do not feel qualified at all, but I will do my best!

    I really considered having a student of the day who did all my jobs, but I will have one sweetie who won't be capable of all jobs...this way I can keep her on the easier things...


  3. You're teaching music? Oh boy. :)

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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