Saturday, May 7, 2016

Final Days and Balloon Activities (10, 9, 8, 7, 6...)

What a crazy, busy week!

You may remember that we are in the midst of our 10 day balloon countdown!

We started off the week with "ink pen day." The kids were able to use a pen on all of their work for the day. Then we ended with our music program on Monday evening. 

Tuesday was "bubble gum day." I bought a huge bag of bubble gum and gave them pieces throughout the day.

The second graders also traveled to our Intermediate school so they could tour the building they will be in next year. It is always a fun day. The different things on the playground are always the most popular--rings and climbing spider!

On Wednesday we were back in the classroom, so it was perfect for our balloon to be "rearrange the room day." I always get a kick out of how they choose to do it.

This time of year, I love to throw in some fun problem solving math. Each group gets a bag of color tiles with 16 problem cards. The problems are designed to really make them think--which I love! This class did AMAZING and they had no problems with my three rules for this activity. 

#1 No whining! 
#2 No asking for help!
#3 No saying, "I don't get it." 
This rule was added this year because I'm pretty sure that is their favorite phrase. Ha! But seriously, they often say this before even trying. It is maddening, so I had to outlaw it in my classroom! We've talked about alternatives to this phrase ALL year long.

I've been working all week trying to prep things for next year. I'm so thankful that our building paras are so willing to help!

Math Helpers - Check!

This class loves to create! I knew they would love my "art surprise" balloon activity on Thursday. As I built up the suspense of popping the balloon, I told them it was something they loved to do. One of my students yelled, "Talk!" true, but no! LOL!

I laid out lots of craft supplies (many found in the cleaning out of those workroom cabinets) and just let them go for it. I told them I had planned to let them do it for 1 hour, but their volume level would determine how long we continued. Surprisingly, this talkative bunch made it the entire time!

We finished the week by baking muffins for our moms Friday morning. I'm so thankful to be at a small school where we are able to do things like this.

Our balloon on Friday was a kickball game. 
The boys quickly asked if we could do boys versus girls, and I agreed. They talked smack all day, even going so far as to ask, "Can you even kick the ball?" 

I decided that even after spending the year with me, they didn't know me very well! Ha!

All that talk just made me even more competitive, and I'm happy to report that the girls won. :-)

Five more balloons..I cannot believe it.


  1. I love all your comments about taking -- if I even stop for a breath..... Your balloons sound like lots of fun. Enjoy the last few days! Sara


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