Monday, May 23, 2016

Fun Times

We are continuing to pop our balloons on a daily basis and the kids absolutely love it.  Every morning they come in saying that they can't wait to see what is behind the balloon.  So here is some of what we have done:

1.  Art Day-we had different things for the kids to do-draw, sand art, make things out of craft sticks and stamps.  I think we could have let them do this all day and they would have stayed engaged in it!

2.  Extra Recess-All kids love this!

3.  Mystery Reader-Sorry no pictures on this one.  We went down to the 5th grade classroom and read some of our reading stories to the 5th graders.  They loved doing this.

4.  Today was move your desk anywhere you want.  It always amazes me because for the last 2 years the majority of the students will move their desks all the way up to the front of the room.  So, I was anxious to see what they would do this year.  Guess what happened?  Yes, most of them moved to the front of the room and only a few stayed back.  

2 more days left.  It's hard to believe that this year is already almost over.  

Have a great day!

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  1. So fun. Thanks for ideas for next year. Have a good last two days!!!


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