Monday, May 16, 2016

Balloon Countdown (5, 4, 3, 2, 1...I'm done!)

I have to apologize for not posting earlier. I think I was just too exhausted and excited!

In case you've been following my balloon countdown, I thought I'd tell you what my final days looked like.

Day 5 - Read-A-Thon

This is a keeper! The kids started out with read-to-self and took AR quizzes on their own. Every so often, I would announce give-a-way time and draw for prizes (little things I had accumulated throughout the year--bookmarks, stickers, books, etc.). After recess, we switched to read-to-someone and kept on reading! Then after lunch, I gave them some reader's theater plays I have and let them work with a group to prepare and perform their plays for us. 

 Day 4 - Mystery Readers

I have been doing this one for years. When Kristi and I worked together, we would let the two 1st grade classes read together. Since I moved to a smaller school (one class per grade level), I have been getting more creative. This year I had two mystery readers from our school pop in and the Kindergarten class come read with us. I think next year, I might try asking parents to surprise their kids by coming to read.

Our principal reading The Sneetches to us.

Day 3 - Ice Cream Floats

Sorry, no pictures. 
I was probably too busy enjoying my float to remember to take pictures. ;-) 

Day 2 - Movie Day

I always put the kids to work "cleaning" our room on this morning. They work hard to clean out their desks, lockers, book boxes, etc. Then I give them jobs to clean areas around the room. 
They love cleaning day! 
As I explained what we were doing, one of my kiddos said, "My cousin (who I had the year before) said cleaning day was fun!"  

After lunch we watched Runaway Ralph because I had read the book to them. They loved those books this year, and the movies were just the right length (only 40 minutes). Kids these days just can't sit through a full-length movie!  

Day 1 - Surprise from Mrs. R  

This changes from year to year. This year it was a large stick of bubbles. We have "Rodeo Day" on the last day of school and the kids are with me for only a few minutes while we wait our turn to eat lunch. We went outside and played with our bubbles!

Final Thoughts

Posted this on our FB page Friday evening:

Notes like this make my teacher heart happy on this bittersweet day! 

I'm not sure many people understand the 'job' of a teacher... 

All my students become my kids! For nine months I get to teach them, to love them, to pray for them, to stretch them and watch them grow. I try to teach them to have good manners, to show good character and to demonstrate integrity. I want them to see God's love through me. I'm concerned for them and their future. Did I do enough? Will they be ready for third grade? 

It's not always easy. Just like a parent, there are times when I'm disappointed and discouraged. Times when discipline and consequences are necessary. But they are still my kids...right up to the end.

Then I have to say goodbye and let them go, hoping I've made a lasting impact on their lives. And hoping they will say hello when they see me again--even if they have a new favorite teacher. ☺️

That's a wrap! 

Summer I come!

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  1. Your reflective thoughts at the end of your post completely mirror mine. I hear you, friend. :)


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