Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wisdom for Wednesday-Thankful for Problems

                                  Welcome to this week's:

I have been reading daily devotionals from the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  One of the devotionals was saying to thank God for your problems.  WHAT?????   How can anyone be thankful for their problems was my first thought?  Then as I read it and pondered on it, it did make sense.  When you are facing a problem, it will often make you have a need to have a deep dependence on God which in return will create a closer relationship with him.  Not only that, but it also keeps us from relying only on ourselves.  Not one of our problems are a mistake, they are a blessing from God that will help benefit us and help us to grow.  I know that when I thought about this and difficulties that I have faced, each difficulty actually made me rely more on God and become closer to him.  The difficulties also made me trust in him more and depend on him to get me through the circumstance.  I see why I should thank him for my problems because it helps me grow closer to him.  

Have a great day!

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