Saturday, January 30, 2016

Five for...Saturday!

Hey there! I hope you're enjoying this beautiful is a wonderful 52 degrees and climbing here. I love it! I am definitely a warm weather and sunshine girl.

Here's some TOTAL randomness from my week for Doodlebugs Five for Friday linky.


Sunshine, sunshine! I took off Tuesday for a follow-up on my shoulder injury (since September). I'm afraid surgery is in my future. :-(
Photo while I waited...what can I say? I was excited about seeing the SUN!

Being the teacher I am, I went ahead and scheduled as many appointments as I could that day. It was a beautiful day to be out running errands. 


I left these notes on the board for my absence--which turned into two days because I had a funeral on Wednesday. 

It didn't work. My notes from the subs were not all that flattering toward my class. They are quite a group!


I still love that our STAR homework turns into a math exercise at the end of the week. The kids are getting AWESOME at spotting friendly numbers and adding all our stars together.


February! Really?



I've been worked up over this all week...
I don't want to bore you with Kansas politics, but basically this map represents a proposal to force consolidation onto the schools of Kansas--absorbing small districts (like mine) into nearby larger districts--with the idea of saving money. I have a lot to say about how ridiculous this plan is, but I'll spare you!

Have a great weekend!


  1. State politics and how they affect us are NOT a fun part of our profession. Fortunately we get to close the door and do the fun part anyway! Hoping you have a wonderful year, not matter what!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the future surgery. I've been having a frozen shoulder issue, but it's being fixed with frequent trips to the physical therapist. Still, it's so expensive to have a shoulder problem.

    1. Oh Tammy! Frozen shoulder is not fun...that is what actually made me finally go to the doctor. I had injured the right serving the volleyball--too stubborn to go in right away--ended up getting frozen shoulder in my left! :-/ My left is better now, but I have a tear in my right rotator cuff...

  3. Me too on the state politics. My kids' school district would be absorbed by the local giant, and then I would be so sad. Hope some sense happens soon!

    Good luck on your shoulder!


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