Friday, January 1, 2016

Home Projects Complete w/ Freezer Breakfast Recipes

Happy New Year! 

According to me, this is my last day of break. 
I don't count Saturday and Sunday because I would be off anyway, but my husband disagrees. Ha!

 I thought I'd show you some of my home projects I've been working on--sorry, this chick has truly taken a break from all things school!

First, I updated my cookbook.

Notice this one was from 2010. I had TONS of recipes stuffed in the front cover of the binder and it was past time to get them incorporated into the cookbook, update the table of contents, and reprint them. There are so many good recipes in here that we forget about, so we've decided to cook our way through my cookbook this year (kind of like the movie Julie and Julia). I'd also like to cook through my Pinterest boards... Hee hee.

Part of my motivation for updating the cookbook was because of this second project--our menu board.

I bought this at Hobby Lobby, but I really wanted a cork board for my menu board. Keep scrolling and you'll see why.

 My husband cut the cork board down to fit and I bought the clothes pins and stickers (also from Hobby Lobby--I love that place).

Ah...much better!

Then I got to work typing up all the main dishes from my cookbook and printing them on colored cardstock. 
Off-white is for chicken dishes. 
Tan (looks purple in the pic) is for ground beef dishes. 
Green is for salads and soups. 
Mustard is other meat or no meat dishes. 
And red is for non-cooking nights (leftovers, game day, our parents houses, and whatever for those fend for yourself days).

Project complete! LOVE it!

If you look closely, you'll see I misspelled fettuccine on one recipe. Argh! The perfectionist in me won't let it go, so I'll have to redo. It also has tequila in the title and we are not drinkers, so all in all that recipe title is a fail. Ha!

 I also bought this shelf from Hobby Lobby (Merry Christmas to me) with the four wire baskets. My daughter and I lined them with burlap. She added the tags and ribbon. Now we each have a little "cubbie" for our phones, chargers, keys, sunglasses, etc. I'm so excited about how this is shaping up!

Last project was to stock my freezer with all things breakfast! This seems to be a tradition, as it popped up on my Facebook feed from a year ago on the exact date we did it. LOL!

A new one this year (for the freezer anyway).
We love these things--thanks to Instagram I got some feedback on this picture that said they were okay to freeze. Yippee!

Also, new to the freezer for us. 
The recipe calls these healthy, but they really are just homemade. I did substitute whole-wheat flour for the white flour. As for freezing, hubby tried one today. Popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it was melting butter. He approved! 

These are just Bisquick waffles. 
My kids love them and I don't have to buy those frozen waffles that taste like paper, so I'm happy!

Breakfast Burritos
I don't follow a recipe...just cook 2 lb sausage, 18 scrambled eggs, 2 lb. hashbrowns (cooked in oven for approx. 20 minutes), cheese, and salsa. Fill tortillas, roll them up, let them cool, and then freeze. Pop them in the microwave for about 90 seconds and you're good to go. I like to thaw them a bit to try and keep the tortillas from getting too hard.

 Last, but not least, is Breakfast Cookies
Forgot a picture--sorry!
We all love these! 

Someday, I'd like to freeze more lunch and dinner dishes. I think I stick to these because they are fairly inexpensive and it helps our crazy mornings.

I hope you've had a great break! Enjoy what is left of it! ;-)


  1. Thanks!!! You just inspired my whole day tomorrow! Great recipes and ideas.


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