Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wisdom for Wednesday-Every Day

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This is something that I have tried to do more often.  It is hard for me to do at times, but I have found that it has helped me out a lot.  Whenever, I feel overwhelmed over things or something that is happening in my daily life, I have started to stop and think about what could be good about it.  When I have stopped and done this, I have found that I am able to find something good about everything even when I feel like it seems like there wouldn't be anything good about it.  Doing this, has helped me to not stress as much over silly things and I've let go of some of the worry (not that I don't worry anymore-I am a worrier, but this has helped me).

Have a great day!


  1. And oh how this applies to some of the little ones in our classrooms!
    Thanks for the good thought. Sara

  2. Wow. It's definitely something worth being intentional about.


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