Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wisdom for Wednesday - Running Ahead

Good morning! I'm glad you're joining us for another wisdom post. I pulled out an old devotional I have and am going back through it, so you'll probably be seeing a lot from Oswald Chambers in the coming weeks or months. If you don't have his My Utmost for His Highest, I highly recommend it.

Here's one I read recently that really caused me to stop and think:

I'm so guilty of "running ahead" sometimes! If only I would slow down and allow the Lord to guide each and every step, how much more would my life glorify Him?

The quote continues, "...with persons and with difficulties that we do not worship God, we do not intercede." The burdens distract us and keep us from being in the right heart attitude to encounter others and difficulties in our lives. 

Chambers goes on to say, "God continually introduces us to people for whom we have no affinity, and unless we are worshipping God, the most natural thing to do is to treat them heartlessly..." 


But oh, so true!

I'm so comfortable and busy with my friends and my family. Are there times when God puts someone else in my path and I'm just too busy or distracted to really take notice of them and their needs? 

Sadly, I would have to answer yes. 

After reading this, I've been challenged to slow down, to allow the Lord to guide my steps, and to take notice of others outside "my circle." What about you?

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  1. Yes, I can say yes as well. Maybe I need to get this devotional.


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