Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wisdom for Wednesday - Praying for Others

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A little background...this quote refers to when we're praying for others, often when they are going through a trial. Take a peek.

Let me start by saying I don't think any of us can know why someone is going through a difficult time and we should not assume it is the result of sin or some type of punishment from God (we're going through Job on Wednesday nights at church, his 'friends' were quite good at example of how we should not be). 

Anyway, I do think the things we go through in life can *all* be used by God for our good. This quote stood out to me specifically as I was thinking about my own children. Even as teenagers, they go through difficult son's injury, for example. 

As a mom, I want to fix things and often my prayers go along those same lines when I pray for them. This is a great reminder for me to instead be praying that they will draw closer to the Lord through the trials they face--not necessarily that they will be rescued from whatever it is.

I guess it is a good reminder of how to pray for others--and even ourselves!

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