Saturday, April 25, 2015

The MOST Honest, Random Five for Friday

Good morning!

I apologize ahead of time for this very random, yet very honest post. This week as I was thinking ahead to my blog post, I really struggled with coming up with any sort of useful teaching tips or information for you. 

So in all honesty, I am surviving people. 
Just surviving

We have three weeks left of school and everything is crazy with resignations, hirings, activities, and students who have already "turned their thinkers off." Add to that my attempt to prepare the K-2 students for their Spring program, Hats!, and I have been sick for two weeks and taking Mucinex around the clock. 

Survival, ok?

These first two pictures go together...

This is the second bird in two days I have found in my driveway. The first one was not this pretty, but when I saw this bluejay I was bummed.

Please forgive me. I am not a cat lover. We are just not cat people (sorry, Kristi!). However, we have a constant supply of cats around our home because they live in our barn. See below:

I don't mind a couple of cats in the barn. Really, I don't. Because it helps with some other pesky problems, you know? 

But please, cats, stop killing my birds. That I do mind! Especially a pretty bluejay. Blue is my favorite color.

Normally, by now we have a mama fox move in to have her babies. That kind of clears out the cats for awhile. But no mama fox this year…which means the cats are multiplying…

P.S. My daughter's new truck…even trade for an old Blazer we had. Benefit of hubby being an auto-tech at a dealership. It is not crooked, the ground is… She is excited. And she can even see over the steering wheel and reach the pedals.

Harley's the short one. :-)

Speaking of Harley, she won an award for writing an essay "What the Pledge of Allegiance Means to Me." We knew she got 2nd at the local ELKS lodge, but it was a surprise that her essay went on to win 2nd in the division and 1st in state! Pretty cool. 

She got $125 gift card to Wal-Mart--which I confiscated to go toward the cost of repairs to a borrowed, broken saxophone. 

Long story. 
Yes, I felt bad taking her winnings. 
However, she has no other $$$ and needed a lesson in following the rules of caring for an instrument.

 Harley is in track, so I've been spending some time at track meets. We have two this next week to add to our busy schedule.

Chaz is obviously not in track. But he got that brace opened up this week and can now put some weight on his knee. I can't believe it has been six weeks since surgery. Four more to go with the brace… He has actually lost 15 pounds (of muscle). :-( I guess that is not uncommon, but I'm not used to him being so scrawny.

He really was excited--just not about Mom taking his picture.

Finally, just so you know I am still trying to teach my class. 

We started our plants unit with some beans in wet paper towels. The kids don't think they are going to grow. I can't wait to see their faces when these babies sprout!

Thanks for sticking with me for Five for Friday!

Wishing you a dead-bird-free week!

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  1. Ah, the birdy thing made me sad too. My dog used to chase birds, but she wasn't too good at it. 😀
    As for the rest, hang on -- things will get better for sure! Sara


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