Monday, April 13, 2015

OO Glasses and Building Our Muscles

We have been working on the oo sound as in book and look.  We started out by building our muscles.  I found this cute idea over at The Teacher Wife. In her blog, she related the sound of oo to the sound you would make when you flexed your muscles.  So I had the kids flex their muscles and tell me the oo sound.  The kids thought this was hilarious!  Every so often, I would say, tell me what the oo sound is and they would all flex their muscles and in a deep voice they would make the sound.  It was cute!  I'm so sorry because I forgot to take pictures of it (which I was mad at myself about because they looked so cute flexing those muscles!).  

We then used the oo glasses from The Teacher Wife.  The kids had to come up with words with the oo sound and write it on their glasses and then they got to put their glasses together and wear them for a little while.  They thought they were pretty cool with their glasses on!  LOL!  

I was very excited because by the end of the week every student could remember how to spell the oo sound!  YAY!  

Hope you have a great day!

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