Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Planner - My birthday present to me!

I'm linking up with Barb for show-and-tell to show off my new planner, a birthday present to myself that actually arrived on my birthday (last Friday). You can't beat that timing!

It is the Family Planner from Plum Paper Designs on Etsy.

I'm so stinkin' excited about this thing! I'll give you a peek inside down below, but let me show you first why I wanted this planner.

Take a peek at the binder/planner I used last year:

I added these weekly planner pages to my binder because I wanted it all in one place. I didn't want a planner for home and one for school. The problem was that the binder was too big and bulky to take to and from school, so I left it at school every day.

I also had a blog planner. Take a look:

You can see that the blog planner slowly became a lot of wasted paper. The last picture is fuzzy because the only thing I write in there now is our income and expenses for our TPT and TN store.

Don't get me wrong. I think some people need a blog planner...like serious bloggers. Not someone like me.

Okay, now for the inside of my planner and why I am loving it!

First, it is small enough to fit in my purse so I will be able to take it back and forth to school in my school bag with no problems.

Second, it has stickers. ;-)
(I'm easy to please, ha!)

The Mondays are covered up because that is my bills and I'm sure that is boring to you.

I made a key of my color-coding stickers until I can remember what color is for each of us.

Okay, now for my favorite thing about this planner!

Custom sections on my weekly view! Hooray! You can customize seven sections. 

Notice I left the first one blank. I really wanted it to be free for my memory verses--the next few months, I'm working on Psalm 19.

My next sections are fitness, morning, afternoon, evening, blog, and meals.

I love being able to keep track of my workouts (especially now that I'm mixing it up on the BeFit channel with hubby's smart TV).

The morning, afternoon, evening, and meals sections are the easiest way for me to schedule my days.

Did you see the heart by the blog section? That's because I love just having a few lines to jot notes--instead of a whole separate planner. PERFECT!

Thanks for letting me show-and-tell! Check out Barb's linky party for more (hers is hilarious--so much like me I had to laugh and grab the poster).


  1. Your new planner looks great - I love hearing how excited other people get by their new school planners!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. I definitely get excited about planners and back-to-school stuff! :-)


  2. That planner looks amazing! I admire how well organized you are! The stickers seem like fun too :)
    First Grade Found Me

    1. I like to plan to be organized - LOL! We'll see if I can stay organized...I'm hoping! :-)


  3. Well that looks very cool! It must be because we're teachers...or maybe women...women teachers? I don't know. But I get excited about that kind of stuff, too. It always feels so good to be organized:)
    Thanks so much for linking up, Crystal!


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