Friday, July 18, 2014

Making an Editable File (How-to Video)

Happy Friday!

What are you up to? Are you neck deep in school stuff yet?

I tried to go work in my room the other day...turns out the cleaning crew wasn't quite finished and they were in there. Instead I opened boxes and boxes of consumables and printed a lot of goodies that I have found this summer. 

Part of me is saying, "Crystal, you don't go back until August 18th! Stop it already!" 

The other part of me is saying, "I wonder what it will look like in there with 7 less desks this year."

I know, I know. I'm completely crazy.

In my defense, I did take June off and I do like to have my room all set up so I can take the last couple weeks (before reporting back) off as well. And I really need to work in the music room this summer too (last year I just ignored the clutter and yuckiness of it, hoping it was a short-term assignment - HA!).

Enough about my obsession with passion for teaching.

As promised, a how-to make an editable file video. My daughter filmed so apologies for not having a great angle, but I think you'll still be able to benefit from me walking you through it. I did tell her to try not to get all my mess around the computer---ha!

I appreciate those of you letting me know the videos helped you out. If you have more ideas for things you'd like to see, be sure and let me know. 

Here's the links to the first three videos (if you missed them):
How I Start a Product in PowerPoint (with tips on credits pages and organizing graphics)
By the way, since making that video I had a question about those of you "securing" in PowerPoint on a MAC without Adobe Pro. I'm *told* that is not secure and someone with Adobe Pro could still make changes. I don't have a MAC so I can't be certain.

If you'd like to see more, be sure to comment with your questions!

P.S. If you've download the free calendars in the videos, please leave us some good feedback! :-)

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