Monday, July 14, 2014


As I mentioned before, our school is changing its theme to owls, so it seems like all summer long, I've had owls on my brain and have been working on a lot of things for it........I'm almost done....I think.  :-)

My last post was about Daily 5 and my concerns because my schedule just doesn't allow me to do all the rounds that I had thought I needed to do.  But I was so glad to get responses about it and now I think I have a plan on how to do it next year. 

I started doing some whole brain teaching in my classroom last year and implemented some of the things but would like to integrate some more of it this coming year so I have been thinking of what and how I could do it.  

So, my summer seems to have been filled up with a lot of school stuff and many many many house projects.  Now, I believe it is time to get away for a few days and let my brain rest.  I am heading to see one of my good friends from college.  Her parents own a house by the Lake in Nebraska.  I'm ready to have some down time and just relax.  Hope all of you have taken time to do that as well, because you know the new school year will be here very soon! 

Have a great week!

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