Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It - Blog Planner, READ letters, and Sight Words!!!

We're teaming up on this post this week, because we both have some Monday Made-Its to share!
Blog Planner!
I was inspired by The Eager Teacher to make my own blog planner. Now we're going to have to make one for Kristi too. :-)
Check it out:
Cover (and dividers - not pictured) from The Eager Teacher.

Weekly Blog Planning Sheet from here. Mine are black and white because I'm cheap - LOL! Sara at The Eager Teacher also had a monthly calendar, but I decided I didn't need that.

My planner has the weekly section (26 pages, front to back), followed by an idea section (10 pages, front to back) from here:
The last section I added was a products section. Sara at The Eager Teacher had a great printable for this, but I just wanted some blank note pages where I could scribble some notes (10 pages).
I took my planner to Office Max and had them bind it for about $4.00! Love it!
Next up, I finally got my READ letters done. I have the perfect place to hang these in my room. I was boring and used the same scrapbook paper on all the letters!
Turn your letter over and trace on the back of your scrapbook paper with a pencil.

Cut it out - I used a craft knife (super sharp).

Put mod podge on the wooden letters, lay your cut-outs on and press down. I didn't want to mod podge over mine...all done!

Inexpensive and cute! Four wooden letters at Wal-Mart ($1.77 each). I already had the scrapbook paper and the mod podge.

Sight Word Connect Four Pack!

Our class played a lot of connect four games last year.  I was worried that the kiddos would get tired of them.  We would play them at least once a week to review our words and sounds that we were working on.  I was very excited when at the end of the year, they were still begging me to play them. 

So, I was thinking of what I could make to play the first weeks of school with the kids.  I decided that we are always working on our sight words and this would be a great fun way for them to learn and practice all sight words.  I made up a sight word connect four pack that includes all 220 dolch sight words.  It includes 16 connect four games that cover the sight words from pre-primer to third grade.  I am very excited to use this game the first couple of weeks with the kiddos to practice up on our sight words. 
Click the picture to check it out!


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  1. I've been envious of all the READs I've seen around. Yours is cute too. Maybe some day I'll take the plunge and make my own. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Super cute connect four! I'm always looking at fun ways to get my kiddos to practice their sight words- flash cards are soooo boring!

  3. I made R E A D litters this week, too. :) Yours turned out super cute. :)

    Read With Me ABC

  4. Love your blog planner!! Your read letters came out cute!! I have them on my to-do list too :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  5. I am almost finished with my READ letters that I was working on today. I will post about them soon. I love your connect four idea with sight words at the beginning of the year. I have placed it in my cart. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis


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