Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Securing a PDF (How-To Video)

Happy Tuesday!

I thought I'd pop in to share the next video that I made about making products for TPT or TN. If you missed the other videos, click here and here.

This one is probably the one that a lot of people don't even realize they need to see. 

When I first started making products, I naively thought saving the document as a PDF was all the security I needed. I quickly found that was not the case and went to work adding security to my products and re-uploading them to the sites (talk about a ton of work). Hopefully, this video will save you some time and help ensure you are following your graphic designers terms of use.

This is so important because I am still buying things that are not protected! And sometimes from what I would consider well known bloggers/creators. 

Don't forget to pop in on Thursday for my comments on Chapters 1 and 2 of Guided Math in Action. I'm looking forward to sharing and learning from you too!


  1. Love your video!! I had no clue that your document was not secure!! Very helpful!!
    Kristy at Teaching Times 2

  2. Oh my goodness, I have not been doing this. I chose two of my best sellers today to fix this problem and will slowly go through my products over the next week. Thanks for your tutorials. I'm excited to find out how you make your products editable.
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

    1. Glad it helped you out. Like I said, we made the same mistake in the beginning!



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