Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Show & Tell Linky - What's in the box?

Good morning! I'm linking up with Barb and her new Show & Tell linky. What a fun idea!

I'm one of those lucky teachers who gets a classroom budget. Usually they order everything right after spring break so we get everything before school is out, but this year they made us wait. :-( 

I have sort of been stalking the school (remember it is only a couple blocks away) to see if my boxes have come in. 

Why would I care, you ask? I'm supposed to be on summer vacation!

Well, I was really excited to get CHAIRS for the music room (I had benches and the little K's would slide around on them and had a hard time maintaining personal space, not to mention they were like 50 years old and the nails would snag their pants and when you tried to fix them all kinds of nasty would come flying out...) and STOOLS for my small group table. I'll show pictures of those another time. They had to inspected for damage right away in case we needed to make returns. Happy to report they were fine.

I did have one exciting box waiting for me from Really Good Stuff. Mostly this was just my Seuss stuff...that is our school theme. Yes, I'm a little sad I won't be using my robots this year. LOVE them! But how can you not get excited about Dr. Seuss?

I also got these sight word phrase cards:

I was supposed to get Set 1 also, but since they waited so long to order Really Good Stuff was out.  

As in discontinued. :-(

Not back ordered. :-(

So I may be a little bitter... They were on clearance--super cheap! Two-sided. Pre-cut and laminated. You just can't beat that. 

Now there is another box I'm waiting for...wonder if it is at the school...

Teachers on summer break...right!

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  1. Hey, thanks for linking up, Crystal!
    A Dr. Seuss-themed class will be fun and happy. Great choice:)

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