Sunday, May 18, 2014

2 more days!

Well, we are down to the last 2 days with kids.  I'm like Crystal, as the kids are leaving, I will have tears.  I am always ready for summer break just because I am so exhausted and ready to have some time to rest.  But, as those kids walk out of your room for the last time, I get teary eyed because they have become such a part of me.  :-(
We have been doing the balloon motivation (Crystal blogged about it earlier) the last 10 days.  The idea came from Erin over at First with Franklin.  It is amazing how excited the kids get over the littlest things.  This is what we have done so far:
1.  Ink Pen day-they got to write with an ink pen all day
2.  Extra Recess
3.  Nature Walk-we gave them some magnifying glasses and let them find stuff in nature
4.  Bubble gum day-they got to chew bubble gum
5.  Art day-we did art for about 1 hour
6.  Mystery Reader-they got to get with the other first grade class and read with them
7.  Rearrange the room with your desks any way that you want for the day
8.  First graders are so bright, they have to wear shades (we did this one on the day we went to the zoo for our field trip).  We bought them some sunglasses from the Dollar General and gave them to them to wear that day.
The last 2 this week:
9.  Eat lunch with the teacher
10.  Movie Day
Here are some photos of our nature walk:

This week we are going to do our end of the year book:
What all do you do on the last couple of days of school?  I have always wondered what others do the last couple of days.
Hope you have a great week!

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