Tuesday, May 13, 2014

High School...Really? And Mother's Day Top 10!

It's true.
My son is on his way to high school.
He had his 8th grade promotion last night.
Some of the moms put together the decorations and requested pictures--a baby picture, 4th grade picture, and an 8th grade picture.
He is such a cutie! I know I'm partial...but still!

This is my son and my daughter (she is in 7th grade and was an usher for the promotion).
For Mother's Day, I had my students list the Top Ten Reasons their mom was the best. It was quite humorous to read, but I was left wondering what my own children would write.
Many of my students wrote things that I haven't done for my own children since they were 3 or 4 years old...such as...

She cleans my room.
She makes my bed.
So I asked my own kids to come up with a Top 10 for me just to see what they would write.

They told me I could blog about it, but no posting to Facebook because none of their friends read my blog. LOL!

This is Chaz's. He did not follow directions, so he went back and circled the #1 reason I'm the best mom. He made me laugh with #9 - Is a decent driver (now that he has his permit, he notices everything I do wrong) and #7 - Is vivacious (because he was so proud he used a vocabulary word).

Harley took it very seriously and was very sweet! How 'bout #7? You know when something's off and when we're not telling the whole story. Ha!

The two things that made me the happiest are that they both mentioned my faith and/or love for God's Word, and...they apparently don't feel mistreated that I do not clean their room or make their bed. They both said something about how I am preparing them to take care of their own homes. ;-)

2 1/2 more days for me, folks. Crazy!

Hang in there! The end is in sight.


  1. I love what they said about not just your God, but theirs. Nicely done Mom!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Praising The Lord! He has been my guide on this journey called parenthood. :-)



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