Sunday, May 11, 2014

Field Trip to the zoo!

Well, we made it!  We went to the zoo for our field trip on Friday.  All of those who know me, know that field trips stress me out!  LOL!  I am a little controlling and the idea of not having all the kids in my sight makes me nervous.  :-)  We had a lot of parents come with us so we break up into small groups and just walk around the zoo the entire day except for when we have lunch together. 
The trip really went well.  We got some great close up pictures and it was a beautiful day (77 degrees) with no rain and it wasn't too hot or too cold.  The kids had a great time and I will say that coming home they were really tired.  The kids that were with me kept telling me in the morning that they wouldn't get tired and that they wouldn't be sleeping on the bus home.  LOL!  Well, by afternoon they were saying that their legs were hurting and that they were tired.  Needless to say, one of them was the first ones to fall asleep on the bus.  So, if these 7 year olds were tired, you know how tired this old lady was and how much I needed to rest up this weekend. 
Check it out:

We even got to see the elephant training show.

Yikes!  Glad the glass is thick!
Kids at the beginning of the trip (all smiles and full of energy)
Kids on the bus ride home (TIRED)

Kids on bus ride home that said that they wouldn't get tired and sleep on the bus!  LOL!

I hope all of you mothers have had a great Mother's Day today!  Have a great week!

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  1. wow! That looks like such a fun trip. I bet you slept well when it was over!


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