Monday, May 19, 2014

A Year of Many Firsts Complete...

Today is my first day of summer vacation! 

It hardly seems possible, but it is true. 

How did I celebrate?

I slept until 7:30, leisurely enjoyed my coffee, and then endured 45 minutes of Jillian Michaels' Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. As I type, my pool is filling. After 50 degree weather last week, it is supposed to be 100 degrees tomorrow. That's Kansas for you!

Anyway, here's a picture I snapped on my way out the door Friday afternoon.

 This year was definitely a year of many firsts...

First year at a new school and district.
First year teaching second grade.
First year in a small district (explains some of the others).
First year teaching music (K-2).
First year not having a librarian.
First year not having plan time during the school day.
First year not having a team-teacher (one class per grade level).
First year teaching in my kids' district.
First year walking to/from school.

Overall, it was a wonderful and exhausting year! 

Here's some things I learned:

I truly was spoiled in a larger district (sorry, Kristi, but you know it's true). 
Those professors who said some schools don't have specials teachers were correct.
Technology is wonderful when it works, but don't count on it...especially when you don't have a tech person.
I love teaching 2nd grade.
I strongly dislike teaching music. Bless you specials teachers! 
The classroom management was the most challenging for different from my 2nd grade classroom. Kids are in and out in 20 minutes, hardly enough time to establish relationships to encourage good behavior. How do you do it?

Okay, here's one change in my room for next year that I wanted to get done before I left:

My word wall was above my windows and required a ladder to add words. It was such a pain! So excited to have it here next year. It will be much easier to manage AND I think the kids will use it more.

Well, if you aren't done yet, hang in there. The end is in sight.

Oh, by the way, remembering the Dr. Seuss quote helped. I had very minimal tears on Friday. In fact, I held it together until the kids were waving goodbye from the bus. :-)


  1. I am jealous of two things.....

    1. that you have a pool....I want one so bad!!!
    2. You are are already on summer break......I have two days left!! I can almost taste summer.

    What part of Kansas do you teach? I am in Wichita....Valley Center, really.....just curious!

    Enjoy your break!!

    Mind Sparks

    1. Emailed you! The pool is awesome...especially since we are so far from town. Not that I'd want to be out in public in my suit anyway!


  2. You deserve summer and warmth around your pool after all those firsts. Wow!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I agree! It will take some work to get it open, but so worth it!



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