Friday, July 13, 2012

Winners (and weekly weigh-ins)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who recently became a follower of our blog and entered our contest! It was so exciting to see those numbers grow! We are trying to go through all your fabulous comments and visit your blogs too, but it will take some time with so many. :-)

Now for what you all are waiting for...

Aimee - You should be receiving an e-mail with the MPM gift certificate shortly!

Jennifer - We sent you an e-mail requesting your snail mail address so we can mail you the sharpener!

Congratulations, ladies!

On, to the weigh-ins...

Kristi's Weigh-In -

I have continued to go to the YMCA with my husband when he gets off of work.  We go about every day and I will either do a Zumba class or do the elliptical machine.  Both my husband and I have changed our eating habits at home and started to eat a small snack in between meals (which I really haven't done before because I was scared that I would gain more) but was willing to try it because a lot of people believe in it.  Honestly, I am amazed how it keeps my hunger under control by just having a small snack in between each of my meals.  So today, I lost another pound and another 1/2 inch like Crystal-YEAH!  I still have 3 more pounds to go to get to my goal, so will keep working at it. 

Crystal's Weigh-In:

I have this thing with my heart rate (so does my sister) in it does not go up like a normal person. In fact every time I have it checked at the doctor's office, they ask me, "Is your heart rate always so low?" Even when I had surgery a couple of years ago, the nurse was amazed. "We don't have you very excited now do we?" she asked. Ha ha! No, not even the idea of having surgery can make my heart race apparently.

One day at the YMCA I had been running on the treadmill a good 1 1/2 miles and still was not in my "zone." The trainer brought a lady to the machine next to me to have her try it out. Within a couple minutes, the trainer said, "Good! This is your target zone."

WHAT? Are you kidding me?

She was walking people!

I had been running a good 12 or 15 minutes and NOTHING!

All this to say, it takes alot to get my heart rate up. P90X doesn't do it, so as I work out with hubby when I finish an exercise and am waiting on the next one, I am doing some sort of cardio (jumping jacks, high knees, tires, etc.) to attempt to feel winded. My husband who apparently has a normal heart rate is huffing and puffing just from the normal routine and needs all the breaks he can get. :-)

That being said, we did Cardio-X all week and I lost another pound and 1/2 inch. I'll take it! I am now at the weight that I sort of plateaued at last time which has me a little worried. Click here if you don't know what I'm talking about.  However, I feel great so if this is my body's happy place*, I'm okay with that.

*Love this term...check out Paige's post about it here.

Cardio-X seemed a bit easy this morning... My heart is probably getting used to it and won't go up anymore. Anyone else out there weird like me?

Have a blessed day!

Kristi and Crystal

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  1. Nice weigh-ins! I eat every two to three hours. It keeps the metabolism going.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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