Monday, July 23, 2012

Wal-Mart Finds - From Craft Project Ideas!

I was so excited to walk into my local Wal-Mart the other day and find some of these products (and a whole lot more)...


Kristi and I had already been contacted by Craft Project Ideas and knew that we had a package on  the way! sent us these goodies free of charge to help get the word out about the new line of products available in Wal-Mart this month - all of them for only $0.88!!!!

So many goodies = so much fun!

They sent us some cute correcting pens, name labels, name plates, borders and accents, posters, folders, stickers, erasers, homework passes, rewards chart, sign here stamp, plastic bins, bookmarks, flash cards, and a note pad.

If you have not checked out your Wal-Mart lately, you need to drive right over there and do some shopping! You simply can't beat the price of these teaching supplies!

When I was there, I also saw some Welcome postcards (among other things - ha ha) I plan to go back and buy. I was good and didn't buy anything that day in case they sent it in our package. :-)

Happy Shopping!

(P.S. Remember I'm on vacation until Wednesday - Woohoo!)


  1. I love all of the goodies that you got!!! You can't beat the price either!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I also picked up the cute file folders. There was a LOT of other stuff I wanted to grab tons of, but I showed lots of self control! It was hard!!

    1. It is extremely hard to control yourself when your at Wal-Mart! LOL

  3. How do you get contacted by CPI?! I absolutely LOOOOOVE all of their things that they've got out right now. I bought a bit too many things, but I obviously want more :)

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