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Questions About Anchor Charts, Schedules, and Obedience - D5, Ch. 3

So I must be the only one who wakes up at 6 a.m. ready to blog...Ha! I always get my D5 post ready and then...



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So I'm publishing and will link up later when everyone else is up and going! :-)
What can I say? I'm a morning person even in the summer! :-) I wake up with hubby to do P90X, make him breakfast (he is spoiled in the summer), check blogs and/or blog, then go right into my Bible study and prayer time. Remember that book I'm writing? Well, after a difficult chapter three, I'm on to chapter four and finished half of it in one day! Praise the Lord! BTW, the book is related to Bible study time because it is a devotional book...thought I should clarify because according to my husband, I tend to say things assuming people know what I'm thinking. LOL!

On to Daily 5...Our hosts are:

Thinking Out Loud

Gathering Place - check! My whole group teaching area is at the front of the room and I tape balls (sports theme) on the floor and assign students a seat the first day. For the last nine weeks, I rearranged and had students assigned by their shoulder buddies (I gave new ones each nine weeks) and that worked great!

Good-Fit Books and I PICK - Loved the mini-lesson with shoes. What a great illustration! I have to admit that I haven't had a huge part in this before as my students go to the library for books and she has her own way of teaching them how to choose books.

Book Boxes - Still wondering how I will get the books I need in my classroom...think this may be my #1 obstacle. :-(

Anchor Charts - I've seen so many great anchor charts on Pinterest! Do you all have an easel and large chart paper pad? I've been looking online for what I would need to purchase... Anyone have a picture of their anchor chart pad and how they are hung in the room? When I use this idea, we usually write on whiteboard and if it is something I really want the kiddos to remember, I later make it into a poster of some kind...takes more time for me that way.

Repeated Practice - Like I said last week, I have not taught "stamina" intentionally. I like the idea though. I don't know that I agree with this statement from page 38, "Even though it was not three minutes, the one student who was unable to stay in one spot gave us all she was able for the was the best she could do at that time." Here's that skepticism coming out, I guess, but some students just don't want to OBEY and this statement sounds a little like making excuses for them! Am I the only one who feels this way?

Signals - Signals, check. I use lights off anytime students are spread out and there is some noise in our room (from working together). They know when lights go off they freeze and look at me for an announcement. We also use the "give me five" signal school-wide and in my room when they are working quietly, I will say, "First graders, you have 3 seconds to have your hands on your hips and eyes on me...1, 2, 3."

Check-In - I've used the thumbs up/thumbs down in several ways before. Good thoughts on why it should be thumbs to the side instead of down...

Correct Model/Incorrect Model - I do this already as we go over classroom rules; however, I am the incorrect model. I had never thought of having them do that! Something to consider...

Okay, on to my schedule questions about D5...

Here's my schedule for next year:

8:10   Students in Classroom
8:30   Reading block (90 minutes), tricky part here is that 30 minutes of that will be reading groups using Pathways to Reading with my Title help so really I have 60 to myself for D5.
10:00  Tier 2 Reading (MTSS - our school is doing it swarm style, so all available adults will swarm K-3 at this time, students are grouped by needs, and worked with in small groups.
10:30   Recess/Restroom
11:00   Lunch
11:30   Deskercise/Change Shoes/Math TT
11:50   Math
1:10     Story/Milk/Writing
1:50     Science/SS
2:10     Computer/Library every other day (not Fri.)
2:40     PE/Music
3:20     Dismiss

I have 60 minutes to myself during reading block for D5...I had planned my writing workshop at 1:20-1:50, that could be another D5 block???
That would be 90 minutes. Is it possible that students would get through D5 each day? My thought is to take basal series and do it in small groups while D5 is going on so it would be necessary for me to see all groups each day...I'll have approx. 20 students.

Tier 2 time - during this time Tier 1 students must be engaged in reading activity (could they get extra D5 time?)...

Just thinking outloud, I guess. D5 users, please HELP and comment below with your thoughts!


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  1. You're writing a book? How exciting! Keep us posted.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I'm trying - with the Lord's help and strength - because I definitely couldn't do this one on my own! :-)
      Kristi has already told me that I have to blog about it when I'm done - I'm usually pretty quiet about my writing.


  2. Thanks for sharing your schedule. This all sees SO doable, but I think the number 1 roadblock will be fitting it in around all the the other must dos.

    1. I agree - just not sure how to fit it all in!


  3. I like how you assign seats at your gathering place. That's a nice idea. Look for books at local library and garage sales. I understand your skepticism about stamina. Wow! There's lots of things that I'd like to talk with you about. Email me if you're interested:)

  4. I'm still trying to decide if I will use Daily 5 next year. I appreciate your thoughts. They give me a better view of what is expected.

    Stop by my blog and explore.

    On The Road To Success

    1. I'm with you, Patti! Just not sure how it will work. I think I will definitely be using some aspects of it though.


  5. I've been doing D5 for three years and I LOVE IT! My first year I completely jumped in 100% and it did not work for me. At all. The management/behavior aspects were a mess! This is what works for me: I have 90 minutes for my reading block, so I have 3 rotations. I teach them in this order: Read to Self, Word Work, Listening. I introduce the other 2 (and a computer station) as I feel my students are ready for them. Also, I assign students stations instead of letting the choose right away. Like this past year I had a tough group that really needed structure, so I introduced Read with Someone in March, we started choice in April, and I didn't do Work on Writing at all. I do have a separate 40 minute Writer's Workshop time, so I didn't feel so guilty about that decision. It helps that my entire school does D5 so I don't have to do a whole lot of training at the beginning of the year. My advice would be to not rush into putting it all together. Make sure your students know the expectations and know what to do at each station before you put it together. Have fun! :)


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