Friday, June 8, 2012

NTR - Weigh-In Day

Okay, I tried really hard to think of something teaching related to go along with this post, but I have to say it is my summer break and I couldn't come up with anything... I attempted to look on my work laptop for a FREEBIE that I could give, but I can't access the drive where all my stuff is saved from this is it. All you get is my progress for the week - short and sweet. Kristi would say nothing I write is short and sweet - some of you are in agreement I'm sure!

I had two main goals - eat no ADDED sugar (explained more below) and exercise 5 times per week.

How did I do?

Day 1 - A snap!
Day 2 - I was so strong - resisted ALOT of temptations!
Day 3 - HARD - If I had the same temptations as Day 2, I would have failed miserably!
Day 4 - Good, but hubby made homemade ice cream and I had to have a small bowl...

I lost...

{insert drum roll here}

4.4 pounds and 3 inches

For those of you taking the challenge, here are some tips for success. They may or may not work for you, but it is what works for me when I get serious about weight loss.

My favorite "diet" foods.

  1. Don't give up EVERYTHING you love to eat. I have a homemade "chocolate coffee drink" every morning that has 2 TBS of sugar and 2% milk in it (SHOCK!). I know it is awful and I have tried to substitute "fake" sugar, but it just isn't the same. I also allow myself one piece of dark chocolate every afternoon (I love Ghirardelli chocolate - the ones pictured are good, but my favorites are the 80% dark chocolate truffle balls). I do not count these two splurges as ADDED sugar because I am planning to eat them. I love chocolate and if I tried to give it all up, I would be setting myself up for failure. The Fudgsicles are for my late night snack if I just have to have something - serving size is 2, but I am happy with 1.
  3. I eat eggs and bacon - and not turkey bacon either - for breakfast with my coffee drink, of course.
  5. Lunch is salad w/ protein (varies and depends what I have - usually sliced turkey or leftover grilled chicken).
  7. For dinner, I eat what I make for my family and concentrate on smaller portions.
  9. Aside from the coffee drink, I drink water the rest of the day.
Looking to next week, I know this was the easiest four pounds to lose (my goal is 12). So if you took the challenge, comment below and tell me how you did. I can't wait to hear from you!

Also, all are welcome to join us. You'll find details in the summer weight loss challenge post and a link to a spreadsheet to track your progress.




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    1. If you're interested, here's my best friend's weight loss blog.
      ❀ Tammy
      Forever in First

    2. Thanks Tammy! I just checked out her blog...what an inspiring story. I'm a follower now.


    3. You're very welcome. She is definitely inspiring.


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