Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Summer Bucket Lists

We're linking up! Hadar, Teri, and April are hosting a summer bucket list linky party and since we both love to make lists, we had to get in on this!

Crystal's Summer Bucket List:

1. Write a book - don't laugh. I really am a writer. I haven't written much since I started teaching and feel the Lord prompting me to "get to work" so...

2. Clean out my buffet - which has all my scrapbooking and stamping goodies in it that I wish I had time to use and it is where I put all the memorabilia stuff the kids bring home throughout the year.

3. Finish my new laundry room and 2nd bathroom...I'm so excited!
{you can see we have a ways to go}

4. Spend plenty of time floating in my pool!
{getting ready to open it up - when you live 30 minutes from nearest pool, having your own is a MUST!}

Okay, on to some school stuff...

1. Figure out how to do my clip behavior system up and down. If you already know how to do this - HELP ME! Ha! Ha! I really want to make it more positive, but I have some questions. If a student moves up in the day, but later breaks a rule do they move back to the start with no consequence? Or do they bypass the starting point and go to the first consequence?
{each clip has a helmet with their names, the flags are their consequences}

2. Plan a new prize box system that does not require me to remember to give stars on a chart everyday. To be honest, I hate the prize box, but I know the kids love it so...

3. Figure out how I will work the MTSS requirements into my classroom next year.

4. Create some things that correlate with our curriculum that will provide plenty of Common Core reinforcement and assessment.

Kristi's Summer Bucket List:

1.  ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE-OK, so I put it off all year long!!  Now I have to get it done.  I need to organize everything at my house.  My plan is to get everything organized and keep it organized forever for at least one whole week!

2.  RELAX-take time to enjoy each day that I have to spend with my family and friends. 

3.  Sit in my hot tub-at least on the cool summer nights (which I hope we have a lot of those)

Mine are the same as Crystal only I have to add the following:
1.  ORGANIZE-yes I need to get organized there as well.

Can't wait to see everyone else's Bucket List!! 


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I also teach first grade!
    Have a wonderful summer & stop by my blog sometime.

  2. Excited to link up and become your newest follower!


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
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  3. Love your list! Can't wait to see Kristi's! I think you definitely should incorporate some positivity into your chart! Take away a few of the negatives and add "first down", "second down" "third down" "touchdown!". I bet your kids would love it! As far as breaking the rules, I just have my students clip down once. So if they were on "second down" they'd just clip back down to "first down". You can check out my clip chart post here

  4. I think I found a way to get rid of the prize box and taking the daily responsibility off me. Check out my bucket list post and see what I found on pinterest and at Fist last!

    I just started blogging this month:)

  5. I need to revamp the prize box system too. I will be looking for great ideas this summer. I am leaning toward the sparkly pom poms, buth that also requires a prize box...I so want an enclosed laundry room. Looks like your list will keep you busy!

    Surfin' Through Second

  6. Great question about the clip chart! I started creating one but got side tracked and haven't finished it yet. I had not thought about this issue before. Hmmmm... I will have to think on this.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

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  8. Your background looks awesome…im your newest follower…. Drop by

    Just Wild About Teaching

  9. I'm your newest follower! Just saw your post/question about that clip chart and I have thought about the SAME THING! I'm VERY positive in my classroom - and maybe this is bad, but - I think I'd have trouble giving one kid a consequence and another not because one did it before he was "up" on the chart and the other didn't...hmmm.... I wanted to check out what everyone said about it! :)

    The First Grade Splash


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