Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Grade Tips for Mrs. Sanford - Linky

Jessica over at Mrs. Sanford's Class is moving to first grade! She is a little bummed because her heart has been in Kindergarten, but we are here to help her transition into first grade!

Moving to 1st Linky

1. Websites/Blogs

(as for our favorite blogs, you seem to frequent the same ones that we do)

2. Books for methods of instruction

Hmm...We're getting ready to do the Daily 5 book study so we don't know about it yet. Kagan has a lot of great resources...I believe it is their 1st Grade Balanced Literacy where we got a lot of premade stategies to work with (rhyming quiz-quiz-trade, punctuation showdown, sequencing, etc.).

3. iPAD apps

No iPAD :-(

4. Products

Teachers Pay Teachers! You can find most anything there, of course.
Funky Phonics CDs (you probably used some in K, too, but the kids love the songs that go with the sounds we are learning about)
Kim Sutton Math CDs-kids love these songs and they seem to help with some of the concepts.
5. Our Advice

Enjoy it! I think firsties start the year like Kindergarteners, but they grow so much throughout the year and gain independence. It is especially enjoyable to see them become more confident and take off in their reading skills. I'm still learning myself (2012-2013 will be my third year) so that is all I've got for you! :-)


You will have a blast!  It is amazing to watch them transition.  It is like something just clicks with them around Christmas time or after and they are so excited because they are reading at this point.  Fun to watch!

Remember to always be consistent and fair in your classroom management.  They are a little bit older and know more of what is right and what is not right. 

Like I'm sure you already know, remember to reflect on your day (what went well, what will you change, etc.)  Also, know that there will be some good lessons and some that flop.  :-)

There will be some late nights learning the first grade curriculum, so just take it one day at a time so you don't get overwhelmed.  Most of all if you have someone to talk to (co-teacher) when you feel frustrated go to them and talk until you feel better.  

Most of all remember first graders are still very excited to learn, and even on those days that you have been up late studying the curriculum, grading etc. and you've had 30 cups of coffee to try to wake you up, (LOL!) you have to go in excited and motivated so they continue to be excited as well.  Have fun with it and enjoy!


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