Monday, June 25, 2012


Well, my weigh in didn't go so well again.  I was up on my weight, but when I checked my inches, I dropped on those.  My husband has been on this healthy, working out kick lately and all he wants to do when he is off work is go workout at the YMCA.  So, I go with him and workout as well. I shouldn't complain because it gives me someone who keeps me accountable on my working out.  When I stepped on the scale and saw that I had gained weight, my jaw dropped.  NO WAY!  I have been eating really healthy and working out hard almost every day this last week.  I was ready to go get a box of doughnuts and eat them all!  LOL!  So glad that I had taken my measurements because I felt much better when I saw that I had lost inches!  I guess no doughnuts for me afterall.  I had always heard that you shouldn't just look at the scale because muscle weighs more than fat-etc., but I have always wanted to try to stay at a certain weight and when I see it increase, it definately makes me nervous. 

My summer seems to be busier than I had planned.  I haven't been able to blog for awhile because my dad was put into the hospital.  He is now out and doing better.  I thought maybe I'd be home for awhile now that he is out, but one of my friends from Colorado invited me down and I am leaving this week to go see her.  I'm excited to get away on what I hope to be a RELAXING trip!

Luckily, my cat is doing better and he has fired me or given me some time off from being his nurse.  :-)  He still has his days, but is doing much better.  The only thing now is that he is an indoor cat, but we have always taken him outside with us when we go outside.  He now thinks he needs to go out ALL the time (he is declawed, so we only let him out when we can watch him).  He loves the outdoors except when it is 103 degrees outside LOL!

My bucket list from before said that I was going to organize my house this summer.  I'm still planning on that, but things keep getting in the way of me being able to get to it.  LOL!  Although, I was very proud of myself because finally after a year, I was able to organize my coupons (they are all probably expired LOL!  But at least they are organized).   YEAH!  Check it out!

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Have a great week!  Kristi


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