Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wisdom for Wednesday (Rerun) and One (or three) Word Resolution

How's that for a confusing title???

I'll try to explain as we go along!

Wednesday around here means…

This week I'm doing something a little different. I have been watching the resolution link-ups and thinking about my own goals for the year. I always enjoy reflecting on my year and making a list of goals/resolutions, but this year I thought the One Little Word linky from Primary Powers was perfect for me.

Please forgive me for using three words. I just felt the need for clarification. I wouldn't want anyone thinking my goal was to embrace everyone I see or something crazy like that.

Now, to explain my One Little Word I'm repeating a post from this summer. These THREE words have been my mantra since the beginning of the school year and things are really starting to get crazy so I'm going to be working hard to continue embracing each day! 

So take a peek at my thoughts on July 23, 2014...

Today I'm going to get a little personal with you. I'm going to let you in on one, okay two, of my character flaws.

1. I am a major homebody.
2. I am slightly obsessive.

Those who know me well may possibly be nodding and giggling at this point, but let me explain.

I have seen a couple of quotes on Pinterest lately that have really stuck with me. Here's one of them:

I've been considering that quote a lot this summer.

I don't like to be busy.
I like to have plenty of time at my home.
Remember, I'm a homebody?

That makes me have the tendency to "wish away" busy times of my life. 

Every Sunday, I look at my calendar for the week. If I don't have much time at home, I start to feel a sense of dread and think 'I can't wait for this week to be over.'

So why have I been thinking about this so much this summer?

I'm getting ready to start what I know is going to be an extremely busy year. My son will be a freshman in high school and my daughter will still be in middle school as an eighth grader. That means that there will be times that they will be involved in activities on different nights of the week. For example, during basketball season high school games take place on Tuesday and Friday. Middle school games are on Monday and Thursday. We go to church on Wednesday, so a week like that would mean no evenings at home.

I know it is coming and I do not want to "wish it away." My kids are growing up way too fast! I want to enjoy each moment, day, and week. I don't want to wait for that someday when I'm not busy to live my life and enjoy it!

You may be wondering what this has to do with my other character flaw - being obsessive. It is really the flip side of it all. It is me creating my being busy because once I start something, I have to finish it! 

I mean...I will work on something for hours at a time because I want to be done. Kristi is saying AMEN right now in case you are wondering because she knows me too well.

Take for example when I decided to learn to sew while making my first quilt. It was a king-sized quilt because well, I don't do anything half-way. I worked on the quilt for days (and nights). I thought about that quilt every moment that I couldn't work on it. I dreamed about that stupid quilt! Obsessive, I tell you!

This summer I am trying really hard to find balance. To realize that the project I think is so important will still be there tomorrow if I have something come up or if I don't feel like working on it (gasp!).

I'm trying really hard to embrace the day.

I know I'm on the right track because this picture is of a plaque by my kitchen sink that I see (but don't if you know what I mean) every day. I took time to notice it this morning.

The Lord is definitely trying to prepare me for this year. I'm determined not to wait around or wish for someday.

Will I get tired and weary? Oh yes, but I must remember "...the LORD is the strength of my life..." Psalm 27:1

Thanks for stopping by to check out my One Little Word. Wish me well -- that basketball thing is in full force starting Monday, January 5th! Yikes!

Embrace the day, embrace the day, embrace the day...


  1. It sounds like you have a lot of great things to embrace! I totally know what you mean when you say you are a homebody and slightly obsessive. I might be, too! But only maybe ;)

  2. Embrace is a good choice. Here's to a wonderfully embraced 2015!

  3. Excellent word choice!
    Homebody and slightly obsessive? We might be twins:)
    Grade ONEderful
    Barbara Leyne Designs


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