Friday, December 26, 2014

This is Kind of Embarrassing...

I'm really putting myself out there...letting this picture be first in the post for all to see.

No judgement please. I really do consider myself a very organized person--except this one area!

What can I say? 

This is reality.

This is a picture of my desk at home. As you can tell, I never sit ever.

In my defense, the desk is shoved into the corner of my 30 x 25 foot living room with poor lighting. 

Over the last several years, I have tried to work there. 

I really have. 

However, it is always short lived because I feel a bit like a little kid who has been sent to put their nose in the corner after bad behavior. Ha!

Monday I got my hair done, took my son to the orthodontist, finished up my shopping and wrapping, and watched Christmas movies (you know, the normal Christmas break kind of stuff).

Tuesday I woke up with an idea...a big idea that would hopefully solve my desk dilemma once and for all.

Move the desk.

I know, I know! 

You're probably thinking, DUH!

But this was the first time it had occurred to me in the seven years we have lived here. Yes, seven years of making a mess on my table  or setting up office on the couch when I needed to work.

So I did it!

I spent the entire day moving the desk, purging some things, and organizing my new space.

Drum roll please...

Yes, that is a green clock on a blue wall. Don't ask. HA! 

Doesn't it look great? And this picture shows my view when I sit down to work. No more nose in the corner!!!

Yes, that is a breakfast of champions...bacon and cheese omelet and coffee drink (of course). 

You're also looking at my new (to me) MacBook which I have no idea how to use. I put it on my Christmas list as kind of a joke--needed a new laptop and have always heard good things about Macs... Anyway, my husband went with it and completely surprised me! Any pointers for learning how to use it would be appreciated!

I hope you're enjoying your break! 
Have a great day!


  1. Wow! What a difference! You'll have to keep us all posted on how the new location is working out.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. I know, Jan! I love it! I really think it is going to work for me. :-)


  2. Nice going Crystal! BTW, my home desk looks exactly the same as your before picture but I'm there all the time. Haha:)

    1. Ha! I is a constant battle to keep my work areas clean--home or school!



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