Monday, December 8, 2014

Rose Robot Cleans Up and Everyday Math Boxes

We read the story Rose Robot Cleans Up from our Treasures Reading Series.  It was about some robots that used junk to make a robot that cleaned things up for them.  The kids loved it!  So, we did some extra activities with it.  I found this cute writing from Teaching Community.  The kids had a blast with filling it out.  

After they wrote about their robot, they got to make a robot out of construction paper.  (Yikes, my room was messy with this, but they did a great job cleaning up!)

In math, we do Everyday math and we have what is called math boxes.  These pages are a review of skills that we have been learning throughout the year.  I had the students get with their shoulder buddies and I assigned them a number from one of our math box pages.  They were given 2 minutes to talk about the problem and decide how they would teach it to the class.  The hard part.......they couldn't tell what the answer would be, they had to explain how the other kids could figure out the answer.  They took their job very serious and did a great job!  Check them out!

Have a great day!

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