Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Brains, Compound Words, and Adding THREE Two-Digit Numbers

This happened yesterday--really.

"Even you have the Christmas brain!" I said to one of my gifted students.

She looked at me with a funny look.

My para explained, "It's not good."

Moments later, I did something silly (can't even remember what exactly, but you know...couldn't find something right in front of my face or forgot what I was doing...). After which I cried, "I have it too!"

Are your students experiencing the "Christmas brain?" You know, where they can't remember how to do things like alphabetize and think the rules no longer apply to them. 

All I can say is what a week! We made it through our Christmas program Monday night and it was all downhill from there. Ha!

One more week...

So here is some learning we actually accomplished this week despite our "Christmas brains."

Compound Words!

Our spelling words this week were compound words. On Fridays during Daily 5, I let the kids play a learning game during Time with Teacher while I'm conferencing one-on-one with other students. I pulled out this quick and easy "center" type activity and let them work with a partner to complete. 

I put our Compound Word Cupcakes on sale for only $2.00 if you'd like to snag your own set!

Adding THREE two-digit numbers - WOWSER!

I made a little INB activity to practice adding two-digit numbers. 

This first picture show this group was doing some heavy thinking! HA!

This group was all smiles!

This "half of the group" (if you know what I mean) was wanting more, more more! :-)

You can get the activity free here. It is just a pocket for storing the numbers and full sheet of two-digit numbers for kids to draw two or more cards and practice adding.

Enjoy! Best of luck avoiding "Christmas brain!"

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  1. Fortunately I haven't seen too much of the Christmas brain around yet. :)


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