Saturday, December 6, 2014

Addition with Regrouping and Kahoot!

We started addition with regrouping this week and my kids are doing great! In the past I didn't always spend enough time on the concrete part of it, such as using base-10 blocks or dimes and pennies to show what was happening.

This year in my guided math groups, I took it really slow the first two days with my lower kids and we used dimes and pennies to help us. On the flip side, my high group was adding 3-digit numbers the first day! Have I mentioned that I love guided math groups???

Anyway, even my lowest group is doing awesome! I just have one kiddo who is sometimes regrouping when not needed. That always seems to be a challenge for a few. 

*time-out :-)*

Have you tried Kahoot? It is a pretty cool website that allows you to create a quiz and students answer on iPads. The answers are color and shape coded so that helps the little ones know which answer they want to choose. We've used it a couple of where each of my color teams have an iPad and take turns answering questions. This saves on time logging in, but the kids definitely prefer to have their own iPad (of course).

*time-in :-)*

Because I usually have some kids trying to regroup when they don't need to, this year I made a Kahoot! to practice making that decision. You can use it by clicking here.

Once we were pretty comfortable with regrouping as a class, I used a couple of TPT finds to practice. This freebie came from All Students Can Shine.

She has two sets of cards (one with regrouping and one without), but I put them all out. My kiddos had to decide if regrouping was needed or not to determine which side of the recording sheet to use. 

I also used another freebie called Basketball Scoot from Teaching Second Grade. Sorry no pictures! Remember my daughter was sick? Well, she apparently passed it to me and I had to call for a sub yesterday. Feeling better today (I think). I'm sure it was great though. I used it last year and my class loves to "scoot."

Well, I hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. I have made one other Kahoot! It is for verbs with singular or plural nouns if you'd like to give it a try. You can search and find some others on the site as well.

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  1. I'd sure like to look into guided math groups. Maybe I can investigate that over the summer.
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