Monday, June 30, 2014

Video - What am I thinking?

I'm kind of putting myself out there with this post...literally. It is a little scary.

Up until now I've been a virtual stranger...words on the computer screen. Thinking that you will now hear my voice and how I talk. There is just something weird about that. 

Not to mention you'll be able to make fun of all my mistakes. And believe me there are some...I had to leave my perfectionism at the door for this video. 

Well, after take 25.

Okay, not 25...but probably 5 at least.

Anyway, let's get on with it. This idea sprang from Kristi making the transition from creating in Word to PowerPoint and asking a lot of questions. It is something I had started doing awhile ago - back when I was on a quest to learn how to make a document editable. 

By the way, there are a lot of great tutorials and videos online about using PowerPoint and creating things for TPT and TN. I'm certainly not claiming to share something new, but maybe for another audience.

Kristi is always asking how I am able to work so quickly on a project. I don't really know the answer because I just do it. Maybe it is because before I became a teacher I was in business/accounting so I became very familiar with computers and lots of software. I don't know...but I decided that maybe I've picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that might be helpful to others.

This is my first video (and maybe the last if rotten tomatoes are thrown - LOL). It is how I get started when I'm making a project along with a few tips about organizing graphics and giving credit. If this video is well received, I will share more tips and tricks in other videos. How will I know it is well received? Comments, of course. Hint. Hint.

One last TPT and TN thoughts. 

Most of my products are created for use in my classroom first (robots may be the exception because our school had already decided on Seuss for next year, but I just love them - maybe next year...). Our position has always been if we can make a little extra money selling things we are making anyway, why not?  I have also made things that were requested (the reason we have so many I Have...Who Has..? games). I love I Have...Who Has...? but I could never use ALL of our games in one year! :-) 

We don't want our blog to turn into an ad page, but we feel occasionally sharing our creations is okay. I don't even follow some of the first teacher blogs I found anymore because it feels like I am being bombarded with advertisements disguised as blog posts. 

I'd love to hear what you think of the video...just don't judge this first-timer too harshly! Ha!


  1. Thank You!! Thank You!! This is exactly what I have been looking for to get myself started. Keep the videos coming!!

    1. So glad you found it helpful! Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. Hi Crystal! I thought you did GREAT! I'm very impressed:) I even saw my name Ruby Slippers in your clipart file ~ haha!

    1. Of course you are there! Now you're famous! Ha! ;-)



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