Sunday, January 26, 2014


This week we worked on the long o sound and I found this cute song through to help the kids remember the sound of long o.  I have always used songs (usually on a CD since I have a terrible voice) to teach the various sounds in reading.  The kids have always liked it, but when I found this I thought it would be something different and fun.  Here it is:

So, I had to spend Sunday night and Monday morning before school practicing this song so that I could remember it and sing it right LOL!  I taught it to the kids Monday morning and they loved it.  On Tuesday, I had so many kids walk in and tell me that they had practiced the song during the night.  They were begging me all week to sing it every day.  Then one of the kids was trying to sound out a word toward the end of the week and he said, "Hey that has those vowels in it and we have been singing that song that tells us the sound it makes.  Now, I can sound this word out!"  I was so excited about it and was glad that I had decided to do it even though my voice isn't good.  :-)  

Now I'm on a search to find more songs like it to teach them the various sounds in reading.  They were all asking me what we would be singing this coming week.  Anyone have some cute songs that you use?  

Hope your week is great!  

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  1. So fun! My kids will love this song. Let's see if I can teach it to them with a straight face. We're doing long o this week. Thanks for the tip. Love teacher tipster.


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