Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday-Back to School-Teacher Linky

Welcome to Thursdays link up with Blog Hoppin Back to School:

Today's topic is when......your schedule and a look into your day.  The following is my schedule:

8:10-8:40-Morning Duties-Students come in and hang up backpacks, do lunch count/milk count, change shoes for PE, write their name on their desk.  We will then go over our rules (whole brain) and start our day.

8:40-9:00-First Reading Lesson-Daily 5 group 1-I work with a group while the others do either read to self, word work, work on writing or listen to reading.   I work with groups on skills in the Treasures Reading book.

9:00-9:30-Reading Groups-We are a Title 1 school and our title reading teachers will help us during this time.  I break students into groups and with the help of our Title 1 teachers, we do pathways to reading during this time.  

9:30-9:50-Second Reading Session-Daily 5 round 2

9:50-10:10-Third Reading Session-Daily 5 round 3

10:10-10:20-Clean up/Restroom




11:55-1:00-Math-I teach a whole group lesson with Everyday Math and then we break up into 2 groups.  One group will be working on their math book page and the other group works on Mountain Math.  Then we switch.  If they finish early, they work on fact practice with games or on the computer.  

1:00-1:30-Computer Lab-Half of the class goes to computer class and does Connect Ed (Treasures Reading) on one day and on the other day they do Everyday Math games.  The 1/2 of the class that doesn't go to computer stays with me to work on skills that they may need help with.

1:40-2:10-MTSS (Reading)-We work on reading skills that they may need reinforcement in.


2:30-2:50- Milk/Story/Pack Up

2:50-3:20-Science/S.S./Writing-This is the time that I will use weekly readers as well.


Have a great day!

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