Sunday, October 15, 2017

Extra Fun Thing!

My co-teacher and I have an extra fun thing that we do with the kids on the last day of the week.  The kids that finish all of their work for the week and haven't moved their clip down too many times, are the ones that get to participate.  I wanted to share the last 2 extra fun things that we had.  The kids loved them and I have kids telling me that they will work really hard to make sure they get to do the extra fun thing!!  YAY!!

1.  Water beads-who knew how much fun these little things would be for first graders.  I showed the kids in the morning what we would be doing for our extra fun thing.  I had them in a container and if you haven't seen them before, they are really tiny.  I put water in the container and we watched them grow all day and when extra fun thing was here, we put them in containers and they got to play with them.  They even got to take some home with them.  I think these kids could have played with them for hours and not got bored.  

2.  Painting with apples-we had tons of apples come in that the parents donated to us to do this extra fun thing.  We put paint (good thing it was washable paint, it was a little messier than what we had expected it to be) in a zip lock bag with an apple.  Then placed a piece of paper on a tray and the kids put the painted apple on the paper and picked up the tray with their partner and moved it around.  When they were finished, they got to take their painted picture home with them.

I wanted to share this last picture of a t-shirt that a kindergarten student was wearing the other day.
I had to take a second look at it because I couldn't believe that our kindergartners now will be graduating in the year 2030!!!  Seems like so long from now, but I'm sure it will be here before we know it!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wisdom for Wednesday - Be Kind and Respectful

Hey there! It's Wisdom for Wednesday! 

Can you sense my excitement? It is because tomorrow is our "Friday" because we have had parent teacher conferences the last two nights. So exhausting!

I keep thinking of Friday morning. No alarm. And this will be my first Saturday without a volleyball tournament in six weeks. That means Saturday is also a no alarm day. Woohoo!

I'm sending you over to my author page for this bit of wisdom--if you want the whole story. I posted it there first and wanted to share with you all as well. :-)

Here's hoping you have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sight Words and Homework Club

We are getting close to the end of our first 9 weeks, so this last week we spent the week assessing skills that we have been working on.  Sight words are one of those skills that we grade so we did some extra practice with them.  

1.  Sight Word Bingo-I made some bingo cards up that had all of the sight words on them that we have been working on this 9 weeks.  This was a fun way for them to practice some more on the sight words.

2.  Sight Word Swat-I put some of our sight words on the board and gave 2 students a fly swatter.  When I called out a word, they had to turn around, find it and swat it.  The first one to swat it would stay in the game. 

3.  Sight Word Connect Four-I used the connect four games on TPT to practice our sight words.  

4.  Some of the students didn't remember all of the sight words when I first tested them on Monday.  I sent home flashcards with each one of them and they worked extra at home on them.  Those that could read all of their sight words by Friday received a free ice cream cone certificate from Braum's.  They were so proud to earn this certificate.

We finished our first month of homework.  If the students had completed 4 assignments each week for the month then they made the homework club for the month.  We got together with the other first grade class and ate lunch with them and enjoyed a special brownie treat!

I hope you had a great week!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wisdom for Wednesday-Do not be afraid

Welcome to this week's:

I saw this and I never realized how much this quote is in the Bible.  The amazing thing is that I know that personally I spend a lot of time worrying and being afraid.  Maybe this is why God put it in the Bible so many times because as humans, I believe that we often worry and are fearful.  This is a great quote for me to remind myself of often!

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Settling In to my New Position

Hey there!

Have any of you missed me? I know I have popped in a couple times for Wisdom posts, but I haven't "just posted" in awhile. You might remember my new position, the Title I teacher, and honestly that has not been what has kept me away. This time of year volleyball consumes a large amount of my time--after school for practice, Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday) game nights, and all day tournaments on Saturday. This, along with the crazy notion I had to start working on my Masters Degree as a Reading Specialist has been...well...kicking my tail (you might say).

I've wanted to post about my new position for awhile and just hadn't found the time. Every spare moment has been used on homework (at which point I ask my hubby to remind me again what I was thinking...).

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE my new job. My schedule is jam packed meeting with kids one-on-one, two-by-two, and in small groups. Right now I'm working with K-2 students until 1:00 and then I head to the Intermediate building (20 minutes away) for the remainder of the day. That has been a bit of a challenge...many days I forget things at the other building or wish I had something that was at the other building. Even that is getting better...although on Tuesday I had a mini panic attack when I got to work without my computer and wondered what I had done with it. Thankfully, it was safe---in my other office!

As a classroom teacher, there were days when I felt like a rock star teacher and days I wondered if I had successfully taught anything. 

I know you know what I mean! 

I've come to realize that as a Title teacher that feeling can change every 10-15 minutes when I grab a new kiddo for another lesson. ;-)
I do love that I am able to individualize instruction so much more than I could as a classroom teacher, and my students are becoming "my kiddos" just like before. That was something I was worried I would miss about not being in the classroom!

Now for a look at some of the things that have helped me jump right into teaching "my kiddos."

Six Minute Solutions - I have eSolutions for the older grades. You're also seeing a picture of one of my kiddos' data folders, something I was excited to continue from days in the classroom. The rings in the baggie are for sight words (I'll explain in another post).

This product has been a lifesaver for working with my K students. So easy to use. The hardest part was putting the pages in plastic sleeves so we could use dry erase markers on them. 
Pathways to Reading, of course. Absolutely love this program.

Now for a couple of things I have figured out on my own...

I needed a way to jot notes about each of my kiddos. This is what I came up with. So far I am liking it!

I also figured out right away that some of my students needed a little motivation either to follow my STAR rules or to work hard.

My second graders earn a star sticker for following these rules:
Sit up straight.
Take turns.
Attentive listening.
Respect others.

My Kinders earn a sticker for working hard and/or completing a "Be a STAR!" chart I make for them with the letters we are working on.

So far the kiddos I see form the other grades haven't needed a STAR chart. I'll just have to give them a "fun day" or something. I still don't know what we will do when the others get their charts filled of my 2nd graders is getting so close. He has been giving me some ideas. :-)

Hope you're having a great week!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wisdom for Wednesday-Smile

Welcome to this week's:

Life will throw us lots of curve balls, but the one thing to remember is that we are in control of how we respond to these curve balls.  Trying to see the good aspects of every part of your life can be difficult, but if you can do this it may have a very positive impact on your life.  

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Making 10!!

We spent a lot of time this week on making 10 and by the end of the week, the kids were getting really good at it!  YAY!!

Throughout the week we used 10 frames that we got in our math kit (these come in handy).  

1.  One day we used our expo markers and practiced making dots on our desk with the tens frames.  I love that we can write on our desks and the kids love being able to write on their desks (they get excited every time we do it).  We used a cut and paste making 10 page from First Grade Salt Life.

2.  Another day, we used our ten frames and the counters that they actually come with.  It is so exciting to see the kids get excited about little things.  They were thrilled to use the counters.   We did a fun page with it from Bloomabilities

3.  We listened daily to this Jack Hartman song about making 10.  I love Jack Harman songs!

4.  Although the most favorite way of practicing of course was using our tens frame and skittles!  Of course, if they followed along and worked hard, they got to eat their skittles at the end.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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