Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wisdom for Wednesday (Rerun) and One (or three) Word Resolution

How's that for a confusing title???

I'll try to explain as we go along!

Wednesday around here means…

This week I'm doing something a little different. I have been watching the resolution link-ups and thinking about my own goals for the year. I always enjoy reflecting on my year and making a list of goals/resolutions, but this year I thought the One Little Word linky from Primary Powers was perfect for me.

Please forgive me for using three words. I just felt the need for clarification. I wouldn't want anyone thinking my goal was to embrace everyone I see or something crazy like that.

Now, to explain my One Little Word I'm repeating a post from this summer. These THREE words have been my mantra since the beginning of the school year and things are really starting to get crazy so I'm going to be working hard to continue embracing each day! 

So take a peek at my thoughts on July 23, 2014...

Today I'm going to get a little personal with you. I'm going to let you in on one, okay two, of my character flaws.

1. I am a major homebody.
2. I am slightly obsessive.

Those who know me well may possibly be nodding and giggling at this point, but let me explain.

I have seen a couple of quotes on Pinterest lately that have really stuck with me. Here's one of them:

I've been considering that quote a lot this summer.

I don't like to be busy.
I like to have plenty of time at my home.
Remember, I'm a homebody?

That makes me have the tendency to "wish away" busy times of my life. 

Every Sunday, I look at my calendar for the week. If I don't have much time at home, I start to feel a sense of dread and think 'I can't wait for this week to be over.'

So why have I been thinking about this so much this summer?

I'm getting ready to start what I know is going to be an extremely busy year. My son will be a freshman in high school and my daughter will still be in middle school as an eighth grader. That means that there will be times that they will be involved in activities on different nights of the week. For example, during basketball season high school games take place on Tuesday and Friday. Middle school games are on Monday and Thursday. We go to church on Wednesday, so a week like that would mean no evenings at home.

I know it is coming and I do not want to "wish it away." My kids are growing up way too fast! I want to enjoy each moment, day, and week. I don't want to wait for that someday when I'm not busy to live my life and enjoy it!

You may be wondering what this has to do with my other character flaw - being obsessive. It is really the flip side of it all. It is me creating my being busy because once I start something, I have to finish it! 

I mean...I will work on something for hours at a time because I want to be done. Kristi is saying AMEN right now in case you are wondering because she knows me too well.

Take for example when I decided to learn to sew while making my first quilt. It was a king-sized quilt because well, I don't do anything half-way. I worked on the quilt for days (and nights). I thought about that quilt every moment that I couldn't work on it. I dreamed about that stupid quilt! Obsessive, I tell you!

This summer I am trying really hard to find balance. To realize that the project I think is so important will still be there tomorrow if I have something come up or if I don't feel like working on it (gasp!).

I'm trying really hard to embrace the day.

I know I'm on the right track because this picture is of a plaque by my kitchen sink that I see (but don't if you know what I mean) every day. I took time to notice it this morning.

The Lord is definitely trying to prepare me for this year. I'm determined not to wait around or wish for someday.

Will I get tired and weary? Oh yes, but I must remember "...the LORD is the strength of my life..." Psalm 27:1

Thanks for stopping by to check out my One Little Word. Wish me well -- that basketball thing is in full force starting Monday, January 5th! Yikes!

Embrace the day, embrace the day, embrace the day...

Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Resolutions Linky

I have linked up with Second Grade Nest for their 2015 Resolutions Linky!

Use more technology in my classroom.  I am not a tech person, and need to learn more about and use more technology in the classroom.

Make sure that I strive to do my best at meeting each individuals needs in the classroom.

Organize and stay organized!  Key is to stay organized.  I can get organized, but staying that way is harder for me.

Relax and slow down.  I always feel like I have many things to do.  My husband even says that I am restless.  So, I want to slow down and relax some. 

Arizona.....I have always wanted to go there.  I love warm weather!

I can't think of any food that I would like to try.  :-(  I am wanting to try the Paleo I guess I would say that I would like to try some of those foods. 

I want to learn about acupuncture.  I am wanting to try some acupuncture and would like to learn more about it. 

Worrying!  I worry about fact I spend a lot of time worrying over the littlest things.  So, I would love to give up at least 1/2 of the worrying that I do daily.  

Pilates-I want to make sure that I go do pilates at least 2 times a week and continue to swim a couple days a week as well. 

I want to enjoy life more this year and focus more on the positive!

Make sure you head over to Second Grade Nest to do your Resolutions for 2015!

Have a great day!

Friday, December 26, 2014

This is Kind of Embarrassing...

I'm really putting myself out there...letting this picture be first in the post for all to see.

No judgement please. I really do consider myself a very organized person--except this one area!

What can I say? 

This is reality.

This is a picture of my desk at home. As you can tell, I never sit ever.

In my defense, the desk is shoved into the corner of my 30 x 25 foot living room with poor lighting. 

Over the last several years, I have tried to work there. 

I really have. 

However, it is always short lived because I feel a bit like a little kid who has been sent to put their nose in the corner after bad behavior. Ha!

Monday I got my hair done, took my son to the orthodontist, finished up my shopping and wrapping, and watched Christmas movies (you know, the normal Christmas break kind of stuff).

Tuesday I woke up with an idea...a big idea that would hopefully solve my desk dilemma once and for all.

Move the desk.

I know, I know! 

You're probably thinking, DUH!

But this was the first time it had occurred to me in the seven years we have lived here. Yes, seven years of making a mess on my table  or setting up office on the couch when I needed to work.

So I did it!

I spent the entire day moving the desk, purging some things, and organizing my new space.

Drum roll please...

Yes, that is a green clock on a blue wall. Don't ask. HA! 

Doesn't it look great? And this picture shows my view when I sit down to work. No more nose in the corner!!!

Yes, that is a breakfast of champions...bacon and cheese omelet and coffee drink (of course). 

You're also looking at my new (to me) MacBook which I have no idea how to use. I put it on my Christmas list as kind of a joke--needed a new laptop and have always heard good things about Macs... Anyway, my husband went with it and completely surprised me! Any pointers for learning how to use it would be appreciated!

I hope you're enjoying your break! 
Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wisdom for Wednesday-Magic of Christmas

Welcome to another week of:

I thought that this quote was perfect for this time of year.  It seems so easy to slip into the Christmas mode of hustle and bustle and trying to get gifts etc. Therefore, with being so busy sometimes the true meaning of Christmas can be forgotten.  I always want to remember the true meaning of Christmas-without Christ, there would be no Christmas to celebrate! 

 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

First Day of Christmas Break!

Last Friday, was my last day of school before our break.  We ended our week with watching a movie (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) which my co-teacher had for us.  It lasted longer than we had anticipated because we had some technology issues with it.  :-)  But it worked out and the kids liked watching it.  Can you believe that there were actually some kids that had seen it before?  We thought for sure that none of the kids would have seen that one.  

At the end of the day, we had our Christmas Party which consisted of some Christmas bingo and decorating Christmas trees (which was an ice cream cone) with icing.  The kids had a lot of fun!

So, today I officially started my first day on Christmas plans were to sleep in and be lazy for the day.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen.  Wouldn't  you know it on the the day that I could actually sleep in I woke up at 3 a.m.  When I woke up I was sure that I would be able to fall asleep but I couldn't.  Around 3:30 a.m. I gave up trying to sleep and decided that I should get up and accomplish some things.  So, I got up and started working.  I did get a lot done (cleaning and organizing my closet and dressers, laundry, etc.).  I am now just deciding that I will take some time to relax.  I'm hoping that my afternoon will consist of a long nap and being lazy.  

I hope you are having a great day today!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas Break!!!

Good morning!

This little cutie couldn't wait for me to open her present! These glasses were included with all the other goodies. Ha!
I finished up my last week yesterday and am sitting at home this morning with nothing planned---woohoo! I suppose I'll be wrapping some presents later and that is as hectic as my day gets. 

This week was so much fun! I tried to keep Monday and Tuesday pretty normal. Then Wednesday afternoon while we worked on parent gifts, we watched a movie. Can you believe I took NO pictures? We used round styrofoam ornaments and turned them into snowmen with earmuffs using pipe cleaners, poms, wiggly eyes, and felt for the scarf. They really did turn out super cute! We also made some foam ornaments using the sticky Lifetouch pictures and glitter to jazz them up a bit.

Thursday was Polar Express day. Need I say more? :-)

Yesterday we took a trip to the store here in town and did our Christmas caroling first thing in the morning. I had a little time to throw in a problem solving activity before our early pizza party lunch, followed immediately by our class Christmas  party. Students were dismissed at 12:30 and then the whirlwind was over!

I will say it was fun to take this guy with me to work yesterday. 

Birthday picture - he turned 15 this month!
Now that he is in high school, he was able to opt out of finals because of his good grades. The kids just love it when a "big kid" comes to school. My para's son also came and they were a huge help--cleaning up the stage (from concert and North Pole for Polar Express Day), playing with the kids at recess, and eating everything in sight! Ha ha! I'm so thankful I work in a place that doesn't mind my kids coming along when it works out. :-) 

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your break!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Secret Santa Fun!

I joined in the Secret Santa fun with some of my favorite second grade bloggers. It was so fun to find out what my recipient might like and put together a box of goodies for her. I started blog and Instagram "stalking" Hilary over at Second Grade is Out of this World and sent her a box of favorites. Then I waited anxiously to see if she received it and was happy about it. She was quick to let me know I did a good job! Ha! What a sweetie! 

Then, of course, it was fun waiting for my package to arrive as well. :-)

Thanks so much, Jaime! I'm still trying to pick my favorite picture to put in the frame, a teacher can never have too many stickers, and a woman can never have too much $$$ to spend at Target! Thanks for your sweet card and the thoughtful gifts!

Wisdom for Wednesday - Trust

Happy Wednesday!

Just a couple days and I will be on Christmas break...tomorrow is Polar Express Day. Friday we are Christmas caroling in the morning, followed by Christmas parties, pizza delivered for lunch, and early dismissal. 

I'm excited for an extended break, but I can't believe this school year is half over! Yikes!

Anyway, I'm glad you stopped in for another...

I'm keeping this short and sweet. I know we are all busy right now!

I love this quote and it is so applicable to my every day life. Sometimes it is hard to trust the Lord...instead I want to worry! Well, not really, but that is what we do, isn't it? I just love the idea of having confidence in the Lord's promises.

And this time of year, I immediately think of the promise of a Savior...

Have you placed your trust in Him?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sight Word Fun

We have been working a lot on our sight words and have been doing a few fun activities to practice them daily.  One day we played musical chairs.  I played the kids Christmas Program music and they sang along to it as they walked around the chairs.  When the music stopped, they sat down in a chair with a word on it.  If they didn't get a chair they were out...........but they had a chance to get back in.  I then went around and each student had 3 seconds to tell me what his/her word was and if they missed it then they sat out and someone else came back in the game.  They had a blast with it.  

The second game was having a snowball fight.  The kids wrote down a sight word on a piece of scrap paper and crumbled it up.  They threw it in the room and then had to go find one.  They picked one up, opened it and had to read the word to me.  We also played this one in math using addition facts. 

What are some of the ways that you practice sight words/vocabulary words?  I am on a hunt for some more ideas of ways to practice and would love to hear from you!

On another note, check out the cool gingerbread train that one of our student's grandparents made for us.  (Do you know how hard it was to have to cut it up for the kids to eat it?  I didn't want to do it because it looked so neat and I didn't want to mess it up.)

Have a great day!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Brains, Compound Words, and Adding THREE Two-Digit Numbers

This happened yesterday--really.

"Even you have the Christmas brain!" I said to one of my gifted students.

She looked at me with a funny look.

My para explained, "It's not good."

Moments later, I did something silly (can't even remember what exactly, but you know...couldn't find something right in front of my face or forgot what I was doing...). After which I cried, "I have it too!"

Are your students experiencing the "Christmas brain?" You know, where they can't remember how to do things like alphabetize and think the rules no longer apply to them. 

All I can say is what a week! We made it through our Christmas program Monday night and it was all downhill from there. Ha!

One more week...

So here is some learning we actually accomplished this week despite our "Christmas brains."

Compound Words!

Our spelling words this week were compound words. On Fridays during Daily 5, I let the kids play a learning game during Time with Teacher while I'm conferencing one-on-one with other students. I pulled out this quick and easy "center" type activity and let them work with a partner to complete. 

I put our Compound Word Cupcakes on sale for only $2.00 if you'd like to snag your own set!

Adding THREE two-digit numbers - WOWSER!

I made a little INB activity to practice adding two-digit numbers. 

This first picture show this group was doing some heavy thinking! HA!

This group was all smiles!

This "half of the group" (if you know what I mean) was wanting more, more more! :-)

You can get the activity free here. It is just a pocket for storing the numbers and full sheet of two-digit numbers for kids to draw two or more cards and practice adding.

Enjoy! Best of luck avoiding "Christmas brain!"

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