Friday, August 3, 2012

a MVP or an MVP? and Random Thoughts

a MVP or an MVP?

Well, I just realized this morning that my behavior chart may have a grammar mistake. Help!

I had "You're an MVP" at the top of my chart (see pic below). It sounds good, but as we all know that is not grammatically correct. It should read "You're a MVP!" 

Or so I thought...but then I found this here:

Abbreviation verbalised

By this rule, if the abbreviation starts with a vowel-sounding letter, the article used is "an"; if it starts with a consonant-sounding letter, it takes an "a". This would give "an NHS hospital" and "a BBC documentary".

vowel-sounding letters (take "an"):A E F H I L M N O R S X
consonant-sounding letters (take "a"):B C D G J K P Q T U V W Y Z

So what do you think?

Should I keep it with "You're an MVP?"

I already re-uploaded my charts on TPT with "You're a MVP." Should I switch them back?


Donor's Choose

Awhile ago, I posted my first Donor's Choose project to try and get a nice set of "book boxes" as I kick off Daily 5. It is so close to being funded and nearing the "expiration date!" Check it out  here (and send all potential donors that way - ha ha).

Math Schedule

Kristi and I are exploring options for how to structure our math block. We will have math from 11:50-1:10. Here's our thoughts:

11:50-12:00  Calendar Math
12:00-12:20  Whole Group Lesson
12:20-12:35  Session I
12:35-12:50  Session II
12:50-  1:05  Session III

The three sessions will be a rotation of Facts Practice (computer), Math Games, and Math Journal (with us). That way we are able to help 6-7 kids with their math page as opposed to 20--many waiting for help.


Last year we were both frustrated with the way our math block any ideas are appreciated!

Happy Friday!



  1. I don't think "You're an MVP" sounds or looks bad!! As a matter of bugs me when people don't get the whole a/an thing right!

  2. I like the an MVP better! Good luck on trying to choose.

  3. I agree! I would use an MVP. Your chart looks great!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. I would write "Way to go, MVP!" or something so I could skip it altogether... lol... just like if I'm not sure about how to spell a word I just word the sentence differently. I guess I take the easy way out, huh???

    First with Franklin


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