Monday, February 3, 2014

It Works, It Works! my last post I told you about wanting to do a telling time activity "scoot" style. My kids (and I) have fallen in love with this fun review game--and as you know we LOVE "I Have...Who Has...?" games. I had just printed all the games in our Telling Time Mega Pack on cardstock and laminated them so I thought...why not use those cards for "scoot?"

I'm all about easy, so I took a table I already had made with my students' names (it had first and last hence the reason for all the black in the pics - sorry). I added a column to the right for their answers. I then put the cards on their desks. As they stopped at each person's desk, they read the clocks (ignoring the "Who has _____?" part) and wrote the times next to that person's name.

Easy peasy! No need to add a number or letter to the cards.

So if you have any of our (or anybody's) "I Have...Who Has...?" games give scoot a try!

It works! I have one kiddo who was really struggling, but after reading 23 clocks he was starting to get it. Hooray! Maybe we'll play it again...and again. Ha! ;-)

P.S. We might finally have the possibility of a snow day tomorrow! ;-)


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